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Traveling to India is never limited to one experience and definitely not one visit. The motherland is an outburst of culture, traditions, spirituality and a lot of things here and there. Which is why it becomes hard to anticipate what India is about, and what a traveler should know while planning a trip. Keeping all the chaos, and panic aside, there is a whole world of travel themes that tie along with the 29 states in total finesse.

Further, the country is an icon which spends its days in the company of travelers who have moods and travel plans, both equally varied. From hill stations, adventure, wildlife, beaches, heritage, Golden Triangle tours, Ayurveda retreats, to natural wonders, every direction is blessed with something unusual. Besides, how can this picture be complete without the natives and travelers celebrating the auspicious festivals and strengthening bonds?

Why not begin this journey in the pool of holiday ideas with a little luxury. We all love the idea of being pampered and as an outsider admire the lavish lifestyle of the Kings and Queens. Even though the years have changed, the opulent experience still pertains in India. While luxury trains rushing right into the heart of top heritage attractions are one of the top crowd pullers, so are the cruises that take over the backwaters, ocean, and high seas.

Maharajas' Express, Palace on Wheels, The Deccan Odyssey, The Golden Chariot are some of the big names that luxury travel in India such a blissful experience. Touring the Ganges, Sundarbans, and the Brahmaputra has never been more delightful than getting on a cruise and opening arms to endless serenity. Besides, luxury tours sometimes seem synonymous to Rajasthan. The state always sits on the pedestal of being an idol for grandiose and magnificence.

Whenever there is a mention of India, it is said that it is a potpourri of culture. It is this aspect which takes credit of being the gripping force behind what the motherland is today. The same culture is experienced in the many temples in India that are worshipped as the gateway to salvation. Char dham Yatra, Chota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand, the shrines of Lord Shiva and Vishnu in South India, are just a way for the pilgrims to connect their soul to the almighty.

India clearly knows how to match the right note to a traveler's heart, and it goes without saying that you will have a gorgeous vacation. All the travel styles of India run in parallel universes, while a houseboat amid the soothing environs is what Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, and Pondicherry is about. The hill stations rightfully etch mostly to every part of the South Asian country.

Right from the top, Gulmarg, Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir; Manali, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh; Nainital, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand are the top hill stations in North India. As you come down towards the west, Matheran in Maharashtra awaits your presence. Whereas Darjeeling and Gangtok are the tourist places which can be visited at any time of the year. Lastly, Tamil Nadu and Kerala pack a fun-filled vacation at Ooty, Kodaikanal, and Munnar.

No matter what's on your mind, we have customized India tour packages which will match your interests and will pamper you with utmost comfort. Whether you are a wildlife lover or an adventure enthusiast, India is all set with its list of top national parks and thrilling activities.

Wildlife in India is not just an aspect rather it is a part which fulfills the loopholes in between. The nation shelters all the flora and fauna in more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries, 89 national parks, and 13 bio-reserves. A meet and greet with the Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal tigers, Indian elephants, Single-horned Rhinoceros, is best enjoyed with a wildlife safari in India.

Due to its breathtaking topography, there is no end to the treasure of thrilling activities that wanderers can try from time to time. Adventure tours in India are all about seeking that one opportunity to fool your insecurities and set new goals. From rafting and camping in Rishikesh, waterfall rappelling in Maharashtra, caving in Meghalaya to snorkeling in Andaman, the list goes on. Trekking, hot air ballooning, paragliding, parasailing, cliff jumping, scuba diving, heli-skiing are some versatile activities that can be enjoyed at a number of tourist destinations across the nation.

Did we miss out on romantic hideouts? Don't worry, as there are plenty of places where you can just sit and spend endless loving moments with your special one. These attractions are equally perfect honeymoon destinations, yes you are not settling for anything less. Andaman, Srinagar, Goa, Udaipur, Gangtok, Alleppey, Munnar, Darjeeling, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Nainital, Khajjiar are among the famous destinations for honeymoon tours.

Wellness tourism and its different facets is another travel theme which is handling a lot of fame since time immemorial. Yes, we are talking about Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation, and rejuvenation. The kind of stress that we deal with every day, hampers our mental health which makes it more than necessary to gift a wellness holiday away from the rush.

Travelers can look up to Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, and Udaipur for Ayurveda retreats. Whereas, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh are the top destinations for Yoga to attain peace through spiritual, mental and physical practices. Besides, these places are equally perfect for meditation and rejuvenation.

Believe it or not, nobody does it quite like India.

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