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Rameshwaram city is situated on Pamban Island that is perched at the tip of the Indian Peninsula. It is one of the holy cities of Tamil Nadu and is also counted as one of the Hindu pilgrimages of the Char Dhams. Here is the list of best tourist places in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu that follows as:

Rameshwaram Temple – It is also called Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple which is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The linga of this temple was established by Lord Rama himself and is constructed in the Dravidian architectural style. In the 12th century, the Pandya kings had expanded the site of the Rameshwaram Temple and the Pandya kings are also responsible for the current structure of it. This temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Rameshwaram which is being thrived by the tourist throughout the year.

Agnitheertham – It is one of the most prominent Rameshwaram tourist places. This place is a collection of 22 spots at the shores where the pilgrims take a bath before entering the Ramanathaswamy Temple. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Rama took bath at the shores to absolve him from the sin of the killings in the war against Ravana.

The Five-Faced Hanuman Temple – This place is popular for its unique incarnation of the mighty monkey God Hanuman. The idol of deity has five faces namely Lord Hanuman, Lord Narasimha, Lord Garuda, Lord Adivaraha, and Lord Hayagriva. Some more ancient idols are also placed like Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lakshmana that were brought from Dhanushkodi during a cyclone.

Ariyaman Beach – This beach is also called the Kushi Beach which has astounding width and length. This beach is an ideal place for spending leisure time with family, friends or loved ones which is characterized by the utmost cleanliness and gentle waves.

Lakshmana Teertham – It is a well-known sacred pond near the temple of Lakshmana. The devotees visit this place to take a holy dip in this pond. The Lakshmana Temple consists of various instances of Ramayana that are engraved on its walls.

Dhanushkodi – It is a popular picnic spot for people on this island. The meaning of Dhanushkodi is “The End of Bow” and is the place where Lord Rama made the famous bridge with floating stones. Here, visitors enjoy the pristine views of the ocean and numerous migratory birds are flocked there.

Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge – It is one of the most popular Rameshwaram sightseeing places which is also called the Pamban Bridge. It is being the first sea bridge of India that connects Rameshwaram Island with the Indian mainland.

Kothandaramaswamy Temple – This temple is lined along with the historical ruminants, shallow beaches, and vast horizons of the azure sea. The temple complex contains the deities of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, and Hanuman.

Villoondi Teertham – It is the place where Lord Rama dipped a bow inland and get the water for Sita Maa when she was thirsty. 

Kalam National Memorial – This memorial was built in the honor of India’s renowned scientist and great leader, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This memorial has an impressive collection of Mr. Kalam’s information about the Pokhran Nuclear Test, replicas of missiles, and rockets. 

Nambu Nayagiamman Temple – This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. The tranquility and the splendid architecture with beautiful lawns and enormous bells attract many devotees every year. The main shrine has an open architecture which allows sunlight that adds the uniqueness in this place.

Kunthu Kal Beach – The tranquil seashore of this beach is a delight for the beach lovers as well as is regarded as a paradise of Tamil Nadu. Every year, many tourists visit this place due to its serenity, turquoise waters, and mesmerizing views.

Jatayu Teertham – This holy temple was built in the memory of Jatayu who was the loyal eagle of Lord Rama. He helped Lord Rama in several instances like give the instructions of getting the herbs from the mountains and sacrifice his life to save Lord Rama.

Gandhamadhana Parvatham – This hillock is the highest point on the island which lies at a very short distance of 3 km from Rameshwaram. This place is the house a footprint of Lord Rama on a Chakra. From this point, tourists can see the panoramic views of the entire island.

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