Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram

Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram

The Pamban Bridge connecting Rameshwaram to the mainland of India is now quite old. Pamban Bridge Rameshwaram is the first sea bridge in India, which extends for two kilometers. The 6,776 feet tall Pamban Bridge was started on 24 February 1914. Pamban Bridge situated in Tamil Nadu is built over the sea and it is very beautiful to see. One can reach Rameshwaram by crossing the Pamban Bridge from the train.


Construction of this bridge was started by British Railways in 1885 and completed in 1912, it took 29 years to complete the project. This bridge on the Palk Strait connects Rameshwaram to the mainland of India. It rests on 145 concrete poles and is prone to storms with its sea waves. The view of the train coming out between the waves of the sea is very exciting. In the past, it was closed for 85 days, causing a lot of trouble to the people. The bridge is about 105 years old. The bridge is about 1500 ft. or 460 meters in height.

Structure and Architecture

The bridge consists of a two-bed bascule section with rolling type of lift spans, which can be raised for movement of ships. Many of the ships and boats use the service to date. Each case weighs approximately 415 tons. Both the hulls of the bridge are opened manually using a lever. In 1988, a road bridge parallel to the rail bridge was also constructed which is a part of National Highway 4. The Pamban Bridge Rameshwaram is a marvelous structure and is a treat to watch. The breathtaking view of this bridge in Rameshwaram will leave you amazed, and you will be forced to think about how a city like Rameshwaram can create such an advanced technological monument in such a short period. This tourist destination in Rameshwaram is an engineering marvel and you can click a lot of pictures when you are at the bridge. You can also see the beautiful scenes of the ocean in its full grandeur from the bridge. 

The Pamban Bridge was the longest until the Bandra Worli sea link was built in the year 2010. The bridge is solid and strong construction, which can withstand any turbulence, as the cyclone storm in 1964. Although the bridge suffered major damage and several of the parts were destroyed or lost in the sea, the rolling life center span was still very much intact. The Pamban Bridge Rameshwaram was designed in the year 1913 by Scherzer a German engineer. 

Pamban Bridge was officially named the Annai Indira Road Bridge. The specialty of this bridge is that it has been celebrated as a cantilever bridge on Palk Strait. This bridge connects Rameshwaram to other parts of the country. This is a unique bridge of its kind on the sea. It is the second-largest sea bridge in the country with a length of 2.3 km. The bridge was built as a part of the South Indian Railway Project. Apart from the construction of the bridge, the staff also constructed the Neel-Mandir temple here which has seven domes.

You can opt to travel either on-road or by train and both ways, the views are splendidly fantastic. Rameshwaram trip is incomplete without glaring at the beauty of this marvel.

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