Kodanad View Point in Ooty

Kodanad View Point in Ooty


Kodanadu Viewpoint Ooty is situated in the panchayat town of Kotagiri in the district of Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. The region is blessed by pleasing weather and attractive landscape, thanks to its elevated locale and surrounding green scenery. The viewpoint is situated at an altitude of about 1793 m above sea level. Kotagiri has such wonderful points that provide some of the stunning views of valleys of the region. Kodanad Viewpoint is famous for its fascinating backdrop of dark and light-hued scenery of Nilgiris. 


Kodanad Viewpoint is situated at about 18 km from the village of Kotagiri to the east. It lies on the eastern edges of the Nilgiris hills and is full of green tea estates. From the Kodanadu viewpoint Ooty you can see the Moyar River and the point where the Eastern and Western Ghats meet. You can also see the Bhavani Sagar dam and Thengimarahada from the viewpoint, which is situated opposite to the Mysore plateau. Thengumarahada is spread across a land of 50 acres on the banks of the river Moyar. The land is used for agriculture. 

Things to do

If you are visiting the place in the daytime, then you can see see the entire region in the bright sunlight. Furthermore, you can also see places that are far away with the telescope installed at this place. Moreover, the Kodanadu viewpoint Ooty is the best location for the people who like to do trekking as there are several trekking routes, like the Moyar gorge, which is located between the Nilgiris and Deccan Plateaus.

From the Kodanadu viewpoint Ooty you can also see some of the other famous places such as the Rangaswamy Peak, Rangaswamy Pillar, Catherine Falls, and Dolphin's Nose. Tall trees and short bushes interceded by sunburnt empty patches which glitter under the golden sunlight bring an artist’s creation of nature into reality. There are frequent bus services available from Kodanad to the Rangaswamy peak. It’s better to visit the place early in the morning or late in the evening so that you can feel the cold and also the beauty of the surroundings. Tea estates on one side and rolling valleys on the other create a perfect juxtaposition of nature that in turn act as a soothing balm for enthusiastic eyes.

How to reach

You avail of a taxi or cab to reach there from the city. It is situated 18 km from Kotagiri and one can catch a bus till the Kotagiri bus stand. From the bus stand, one can get a taxi for the viewpoint. 

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Kodanadu viewpoint Ooty in during the daytime when you can see the crystal clear colors of the region. You buy some of the best nuts, dry fruits and other local produce from the local market.


Kodanadu Viewpoint, Ooty Timings: 24 hours

Kodanadu Viewpoint, Ooty, Entry Fees: Nil

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