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Otherwise known as the Queen of Hills, Ooty is a picturesque town that is encompassed by the wonderful Nilgiri Hills. The spot has a delightful atmosphere all-round the year because of its ideal locale. The winters in Ooty are colder than the rest of South India. The ideal time to visit Ooty is from October to June. In these months, the temperature remains pleasant at someplace around 25°C which offers a charming climate all day long. It is the best time for voyaging and touring around the town. During these months, evenings are likewise pretty comfortable. Let's now see Ooty best season to travel.

Summer Season (April to June):

Ooty encounters a normal temperature that extents between 23 degrees Celsius and 31 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for you to explore the sheer magnificence of this spot going full speed ahead. This is also termed as the Ooty tourist season. The climatic conditions during this season remain comfortable and the weather remains balmy which makes the sightseeing tour contended.

Winter Season (October to March):

Winter season can be the best season to visit Ooty if you like the winter chills in the air. During October, the crisp breeze enters the town yet the general day temperature is cool and useful for touring. November to February establish the winter season in Ooty. Numerous couples visit Ooty during this season. In some cases, the temperature can go beneath 5 degrees Celsius too. Note that the evenings in January and February are the coldest. It is also the best time to visit Ooty for a honeymoon.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

July-September comprises the monsoon season in Ooty. The town gets overwhelming precipitation and this may disturb the standard day touring action for some of you. In any case, nature lovers would adore the grand magnificence that grasps Ooty after the downpours which also calls for clicking numerous photos. This is, however, not the Ooty tourism best time to visit.

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