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Kanchipuram is world-famous for its magnificent temples. The pilgrims who are planning to indulge in the wonders of this enchanting town must know its weather. The summer season is a little hot while the monsoon season receives heavy downpour that is accompanied by the cool breeze. But the winter season makes Kanchipuram colder than other parts of Southern India. The festivals that are celebrated with much show and gaiety are the Chariot Festival in May, the Garudotsavam in April, and the Brahmotsavam in January. However, the best months to visit Kanchipuram begins in October and goes until March. During these months, the temperatures of this place don't touch extremes so that the visitors can easily roam around freely.

Summer Season (April to June):

The average temperature of the summer season is between 26 degrees Celsius and 39 degrees Celsius. The popular festival of this season is the Masi Mahotsavam Festival. If people are visiting during this season, then do not miss to be a part of all-around festivity and merriment.

Winter Season (October to March):

This is the ideal time to visit Kanchipuram when the temperature ranges from 19 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. The most important festival of this season is Pongal that is celebrated with pomp, religious prayers, delicious feast, and religious processions. Another festival of this season is Maha Shivaratri that comes in February or March and is celebrated in this town with devotion and enthusiasm.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

This rainy season brings heavy rainfall in this area along with the cool breeze. Sometimes, this sacred city tends to get swamped in this season, thus, people should avoid visiting Kanchipuram. The temperature range of this season comes in between 28 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius. But for nature lovers who love the rain, visit this place to enjoy the beauty of the rain and rain-drenched lush greenery and natural surroundings.

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