Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai

Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai


The Kapaleeswarar Temple is located in Malayapur, a suburb of Chennai. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. Here Parvati is worshipped as Karpagumble. The Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai is named after Kaplum and Eshwar. Kaplum means head, while Eshwar is the second name of Lord Shiva. 


According to Hindu mythology when Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva met at the top of Mount Kailash, Brahma did not recognize the superiority of Lord Shiva. There were 5 faces of Brahma at that time. Four faces chanted Vedas and the fifth one used to condemn. Lord Shiva saw the fifth face condemning him. After this, Lord Shiva got very angry and caught the head of Brahma pulled it and cut off the fifth face. This was followed by the sin of killing the Brahma. To correct his mistake, Brahma came to Malayalapur and installed a Shivalinga. 

It is believed that the Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai was built by the Pallava kings around the seventh century. The architectural style of the temple is closely related to the Dravidian style. However, it is also said that the original temple was located at the place where the Santhome church is located today. The present time temple was built by the kings of Vijayanagar in the 16th century. 


The Kapaleeswarar Temple is considered as the best temple after the 12 Jyotirlingas. In ancient times it was the place where Lord Shiva meditated. But now there is a large temple. The Godavari River flows in front of the temple. Ramkund is situated inside the temple. The main building of the temple is made of black stones. The temple has two main gates where great gopuram is constructed. The main gopuram in the temple is 120 feet high and was built in 1906.

Inside the Kapaleeswarar temple Chennai premises there are two peahens and a peacock which commemorates the myth of goddess Parvati worshipping Lord Shiva. The magnificent temple also evokes the Tamil Shaivite saint poets, Nayars and has temples in the name of them. All the 63 statues of the poets are given complete respect on the occasion of the Brahmotsavam festival. This festival happens in between March and April every year. 

When you visit the Kapaleeswarar temple Chennai you can see the religious culture of Tamil Nadu, and also the towering Gopurams. On the western side of the temple, there is a sacred tank. 

How to reach

The Kapaleeswarar Temple is situated in the Mylapore which is well connected with the rest of the city. The Chennai Railway Station is located at a distance of 6 km from the temple and one can hire a taxi or cab from the station to reach here. If you are comfortable with public transport the buses are the best option to commute within the city.

Best time to visit

In summer, the Chennai season gets very hot. Cold weather, however, is quite pleasant. So the winter season is the best time to visit. March and April are the ideal time to visit if someone wishes to take part in the celebrations of the Brahmotsavam Festival in the temple.


Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai Timings: 5:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Kapaleeswarar Temple Chennai Entry Fees: Nil

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