Fort of St. George in Chennai

Fort of St. George in Chennai


The advent of the East India Company in India had begun to influence India's s geographical and cultural influence by the British. To create a conducive atmosphere, the British officers have made their mark of the Nawabs and landlords. In spite of a few numbers, they managed to divide the Indians. To strengthen their authority, they tried to buildings in many places. Moreover, official residences and holy places (church) have been constructed in several different provinces. In present India, many structures can be seen directly and indirectly during the colonial period. One such building is the St George’s fort.


The historic fort of Tamil Nadu State in south India is the first fort built by the British in India. The fort was founded in 1644, at Chennai (ancient Madras). The fort was built for the commercial activities that started here. Presently, the fort hosts the assembly of Tamil Nadu State Government and other official departments are present. This fort is one of the 163 notified areas of Tamil Nadu State.

It took around sixth years to build the magnificent fort. The construction was started in the year 1638 A. D. The fort is also known as 'White Town'. The fort was completed on 24th April 1644 and an amount of 3000 pounds was spent for the construction. The fort has a 20 feet door at the entrance, and it was very difficult for anybody to intrude the fort. 

The majestic fort is now looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India and the state government of Tamil Nadu. The fort consists of a church and a museum which the public can visit and study the importance and the history of the fort. The building where the museum is situated was once the location of the Madras Bank in the year 1795. But since the house, it functions as a museum where more than 3600 artifacts and kept for display. These artifacts are from the era of British rules such as weapons, letters, coins, silverware, ceremonial dresses, medals, some personal items of the royal family of the fort and many more. The fort was named after St George who was the Patron Saint of England.

How to reach

The historic St. George Fort is situated in the capital city of Tamil Nadu can be reached by hiring a taxi or private vehicle. You can take the Rail route (Chennai Central Railway Station) and Airport (Chennai Airport) to reach Chennai.

Best time to visit

This is a paradise for the history buff and one can visit here throughout the year. The winter season is the best time to visit here as it takes 1 to 2 hours to explore this place. The weather must be comfortable so that one can explore this place in the best possible ways.


Fort of St. George Chennai Timings: 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Closed on Friday)
Fort of St. George Chennai Entry Fees: INR 5 for Indian Nationals and INR 100 for Foreign Nationals, Kids upto 15 years free

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