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Tamil Nadu Travel Guide

The Southern State, Tamil Nadu, is lying along the Bay of Bengal. It has a glorious history so that it is becoming one of the most promising states in India. Our Tamil Nadu Travel Guide allows you to explore the best sightseeing places and tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu. It will give you a deep insight into the best things to do during the Tamil Nadu trip.

Tamil Nadu has seen the rise and fall of several dynasties such as the Cheras, the Cholas, and the Pallavas, etc. Each dynasty has enriched this state with its traditions and customs. The famous dance form of Tamil Nadu is Bharat Natyam which is the traditional Tamilian Dance Form and is recognized as one of 7 classical dances of India. This dance form is practiced in temples before the Gods. The architectural marvels of Tamil Nadu represent the Indian Civilization to the tourists.

This state is popular for its rich culture, traditions, sacred pilgrimages, wildlife richness, delectable food, ancient temples, pristine hill stations, opulent art & craft, gorgeous coastline, UNESCO World Heritage, stunning beaches, serene waterfalls, and so many more. Moreover, the southernmost point on the Indian landmass is Kanyakumari which is situated in this state where the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea meet with each other.

Tamil Nadu is well-known as the “The Land of Temples”. There are around 30 thousand temples, which were built in the Dravida architectural style. The famous tourist places in Tamil Nadu include some popular temples of this state are Meenakshi Amman Temple, Rameshwaram Temple, Nataraja, Mahabalipuram, Tanjore (Thanjavur), Brihadeshwara, and Gangaikondacholapura and many more. Besides, there is a great fascination to explore the ruins of the palaces and forts of the great dynasties. 

Furthermore, this state is rich in bio-diversity because of the huge number of habitats found there. There are 5 National Parks and 17 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu in which one is a Tiger Reserve. Jeep Safari is among the best things to do in Tamil Nadu which helps you to spot the wildlife species in their natural habitat. The meeting of the Western and Eastern Ghats forms a corridor of dense forest that is the home to the small and large animals including leopards, tigers, elephants, and endangered species like the Black Buck and the Golden Langur.

In addition to it, the most popular art form of this state is the Tanjore Painting which is made using a mixture of chalk and glue inlaid with precious pearls and stones. Some other famous art forms are woodcarving, metalwork, carved scented wood from sandalwood, etc. Apart from it, it is one of the most urbanized states of India where a lot of people are still living in the rural parts of this state. Tamil is the official language of this state.

Tamil Nadu is also famous for its iconic cuisine of South Indian like Masala Dosa, Idli Sambar, Uttapam, Vada, Banana Bonda, Coconut Chutney, Lemon Rice, perfectly poured coffee, and much more. This state gives a bagful of culinary treasures for the visitors to savor. Some popular non-vegetarian dishes of Tamil Nadu are Rasam, Chicken Chettinad, Payasam, and so many more. The coastal areas of Tamil Nadu serve the lip-smacking seafood to the tourists. Tamil Nadu has used a wide range of spices like cardamom, chilies, pepper, cloves, curry leaves, coriander, etc. to prepare their food.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Tamil Nadu

Best Time to Visit Tamil Nadu

The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is from November to February when temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius and makes it an ideal time to visit for the trip.

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Weather in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is snuggled along the Bay of Bengal and the weather in Tamil Nadu changes with the season. Summers bring a scorching heat while the winters are pleasant and monsoon season brings relief from the sweltering hotness but is a bit humid.

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How To Reach Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is well connected with all modes of transport from the rest of the country. It has four international airports, 505 railway stations, and 1.7 lakh km of the road network. It is not a difficult task to reach Tamil Nadu from any part of the country. Take a look at the best ways to reach Tamil Nadu.

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