Village Women Craft Ranthambore

Village Women Craft Ranthambore

Rajasthan is well-known for its rich and vibrant culture and tradition. The womenfolk of Rajasthan love colors. Right from their clothes to the art and craft they make the state is always in a demonstration of colors. Rajasthan’s women are passionate about handwork and crafts and the government has given them every encouragement and concession. One of the famous craft villages of Rajasthan is the Village Women Craft located at RIICO industrial area in Ranthambore. Here, the ladies make all the traditional craft and artwork of Rajasthan. Tourists can watch the artisans at work and purchase whatever they like at the stores. 

The Village Women Craft, Ranthambore helps the local women to be financially and socially comfortable, thereby encouraging the continuation of the traditional arts and crafts. In spite of larger commercial giants taking over the market, these small artisans are still able to sustain due to the demand for their beautiful artwork as well as the fact that they have been empowered by the schemes for their betterment and primarily tourism.

At the Village Women Craft, visitors can walk through while the women work on their art, one can watch them at work and get the glimpses of the art in the making. Their wares are sold at nominal rates. The women of Rajasthan are especially famous for the blue pottery ware that they make out of quartz stone. As compared to pottery made of clay, these quartz pieces don’t crack. Moreover, their beauty is enhanced by the raw glaze, sodium sulfate, and Multani Mitti. They use only eco-friendly raw material and natural dyes for coloring. This is the case for all their work. 

Rajasthan is famous for cloth puppets or ‘Kathputli’ as they are called in the local dialect. Made with colorful Bandhini patterns and gold and silver borders, these dolls are made mainly in Jaipur and particularly in the Sawai Madhopur area. These vibrant Rajasthani dolls are handmade in the village along with small stuffed toys in the shape of elephants, camels, and parrots. They are decorated with chamki, beads, glitter, and jewels and painted in myriad colors. They can be used as decorative pieces and will brighten up your living wonderfully. 

Carpets are another renowned handwork of Rajasthan. Woolen carpets, tribal carpets as well as oriental decorative carpets are made here. At the Village Women Crafts, you can see the craftswomen at work weaving these carpets. Charkona, Shikar, Mehrab, etc. are some of the famous patterns. Also made here are silk scarves and stoles, pashmina stoles and shawls, embroidered fabrics, brocade work, pillow covers, bed sheets with work done on them, patchwork rugs and quilts, silk and cotton cushion covers, beautiful wall hangings and paintings.

Tourists cannot resist themselves from buying the excellent jewelry of Rajasthan. Silver, Gold and oxidized silver-based mina-work and Kundan-work jewelry of high quality and lovely designs are available here. Miniature paintings in both Rajputana and Mughal style are famous. Phad, Pichwad are paintings done on rectangular pieces of cloth mainly of elephants and Krishna Rasakreeda. 

The local crafts include woodwork, decorative work in iron, patchwork and handlooms too. Their fabrics are uniquely patterned with Bandhini, Lahariya, Mothda, Ekdali and Shikari patterns and mirror work. Jhutis and spices are famous too.

When you take a tour of Rajasthan, you will have to carry back a little of Rajasthan’s rich tradition and culture. Our tour packages will take you to the quaint Village Women Craft in Ranthambore where you can experience Rajasthan in its entire colorful splendor.

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