Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lakeis one of the sacred lakes located in the small town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. This lake has a mythological significance dating back to thousands of years. It is believed that the Pushkar Lake Rajasthan was formed after the falling petals of Lord Brahma’s lotus while he killed the demon Vajra Nabha. Presently, the water body is surrounded by 52 Ghats and over 450 Hindu temples. The Brahma Temple is the most prominent amongst them all and stands erected close to the lake. Countless devotees come here to take a holy dip and wash away their past sins.

The 52 Ghats surrounding Pushkar Lake is known for their religious and spiritual significance. Each of the Ghats gives an insight into the religious practices followed by the Hindus. These Ghats have curative properties and the divine atmosphere has a peculiar way of making connections. Two of the most prominent Ghats are the Gau Ghat and the Brahma Ghat. And Brahma Ghat is believed to be the site where Lord Brahma performed Yajna along with his wife Goddess Gayatri. There are a total of 10 Ghats adjoining the lake that comes under the list of national monuments. They are protected by the Rajasthan Government and a couple of other departments are working towards their improvement.

Pushkar Lake is also being mentioned in the Hindu epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata. This sacred water body has an old-world charm and one can experience the majestic vibes of the bygone era. It is enclosed by the Aravalli Range and offers epic lake views (Pushkar). No wonder, the lake is the epicenter of all religious activities taking place in this region. The Pushkar Fair is held in the month of Kartika and attracts hordes of tourists and devotees across the country is also organized on the bank of the Pushkar Lake. According to the Puranas, a ritual bath in the Pushkar Lake on Kartik Poornima would purify the soul and open the doors to salvation.

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