Kalisil Lake

Kalisil Lake

When you visit the amazing Ramathra fort you should also visit the mesmerizing Kalisil Lake. This serene lake is situated between Kaila Devi and Bharatpur, which are two of the most important wildlife national reserves in the region. The perennial Kalisil Lake is a paradise for the nature lovers. There are more than 120 species of birds flocking at the lake. The lake is in its full bloom in the monsoon rains and when it is full, the lake spreads over 17 kilometers from the dam and reaches to the town of Kaila Devi.

The lake is not only visited by birds but is frequented by a wide variety of blue bulls, deer, jackals, wolves, hyenas and there are also animals which are rarely seen such as the bear, wild boar, and leopards. Not a while ago the Sultan of Ranthambore was also seen in the surroundings of the lake.

The main attraction of the Kalisil Lake is the water bird. The lake is at a distance of 175 km to the north from the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Every winter the lake is visited by cormorants, ducks, and storks which turns into a rich feeding place for them. There are a lot of local waterfowls like the Saras cranes, kingfishers, herons and stilts that can be seen gazing in the lake all year round.

In the year 1956, a dam was constructed at the Kalisil River site. The main purpose of the dam was to benefit for irrigation. The large lake now is a benefit to the local people of Ramathra and its neighboring villages along the canal, who use the water from the lake for agriculture purposes. Even at the start of the monsoon season when the rainfall is low the lake has enough water for boating. Boats are available on a rental basis, two and three-seater boats are equipped with paddles and life-vests. The tourists can opt for a guide or can go on their own for bird watching. It cannot be ruled out to search for the crocodile dens and also if you are lucky then crocodiles can also be seen.

The Kalisil dam offers its tourists a peaceful & scenic atmosphere with spectacular views of the dusk. Bird watching can be also done at the marshes below the Ramathra fort or when you go out for a walk to the neighboring village. Head out to an island in a rowing boat on the lake with some of the magnificent views & lots of birds & ducks, relax & enjoy a hot meal.

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