Sardar Market, Jodhpur

Sardar Market, Jodhpur

Rajasthan has its vibrant vibes and like any colorful place, you will find different markets adding to the flavor of the place. Situated in the heart of Rajasthan is the famous city of Jodhpur. Sardar Market is one of the famous markets of Jodhpur. The market is named after its builder, the great Maharaja Sardar Singh. It is located near the clock tower which is another famous Landmark of Jodhpur City.

If you want to get a feel of an old-city style market in Rajasthan, then Sardar Market is the place you must visit. The entire market is spread amongst narrow lanes and by-lanes with small and big shops outlining these lanes on both sides. The Sardar Market is especially famous for Bandhini, which is a traditional Rajasthani handcrafted cloth.

Hand-dyed textiles, embroidered leather items like shoes and purses, small toys of camels and elephants and traditional Rajasthani silver and gold jewelry are some of the most common items that you shall find easily in the Sardar Market.

Lacquer handicrafts, antiques, puppets, and other souvenirs are a few items that are one of the most beautiful items one can find in the Sardar Market. The market is generally crowded and a paradise for shopaholics. The sheer variety of merchandise on display at the Sardar Market is mind-boggling. You could pass an entire day and still not be able to see all the shops in the market. Shopper bugs amongst you won't be able to leave this place, that's for sure. The Sardar Market is an ideal example of a busy, noisy Indian market full of energy and a true shopper's paradise.

Shops come in all sizes in the Sardar Market, right from the big shops to small shops to Street hawkers you will find everything here. The street hawkers here sell low-value items like glass bangles, imitation jewelry, fruits, vegetables, pottery, clothes, and small household items.

There is a long list of specialties of Jodhpur which includes a mixture of spices, traditional Jodhpuri suits, Bandhini Sarees, room furniture, traditional Rajasthani Mojari (shoes), rugs and other items. Artisans from neighboring villages are also come here to sell their wares. You will easily find colorful art pieces in this market at a good price. Magnificent Rajasthani handicrafts are at display in this market. Puppets made from wood, small toys carved out of wood, cloth dolls and various other artworks are easily found in this place.

The entire Sardar Market is filled with the scents of traditional Indian spices like turmeric, red chili powder, black pepper, white pepper, and others. Your nose can have a hard time initially. Along with the spices and condiments, the Sardar Market is full with a pleasant aroma of various kinds of tea. The red chili powder is famous in this area and you must try and get your hands on a packet of the Jodhpuri red chili powder. Trust me you would not regret the decision.

In case you are tired of walking on the narrow streets of the Sardar Market, there is plenty of refreshment available in the market itself. You could try the traditional Indian curd juice called Lassi, or quench your thirst with a sugar cane juice. In the mood for some dessert? Then try the famous Rajasthani ice cream or "Kulfi" as the locals say.

Sardar Market is an ideal open supermarket, you will find everything here right from antiques to fruits and vegetables. It is not surprising that even the locals visit here frequently for their daily needs.

Sardar Market is one of the oldest markets in Jodhpur and a lively place to be in. This market houses around 7000 shops and to visit these shops you need a full day. We are damn sure that you will find something of your interest in this traditional Indian market.

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