How to reach Jaisalmer

So, in case you are thinking about how to reach Jaisalmer by air, or how to reach Jaisalmer by train, or how to reach Delhi to Jaisalmer by road, then this guide will help you to draw out the best route of travel. There are several trains to reach Jaisalmer and you can even take a flight or reach there by car from Delhi or Jaipur. Let's have a detailed look at how to reach this historically rich tourism site in Rajasthan.

By Air By Air

Although Jaisalmer doesn't have a local airport, you can take up a flight till Jodhpur Airport. This one is well connected to all other major airports in India. From Jodhpur Airport, you can take a cab to reach Jaisalmer. You can either opt for a private car or a prepaid taxi. From Jodhpur, it will take around 5-6 hours by road to reach Jaisalmer.

By Road By Road

While opting for a journey via road to Jaisalmer, you can either take a bus or drive a car yourself. Bus services till Jaisalmer is available from all major cities in Rajasthan like Jaipur and Jodhpur. From Delhi, however, there isn't any direct bus to Jaisalmer. But you can always switch buses in Jaipur and then continue with your journey from there to reach your resort or hotel in Jaisalmer, in case you are wishing to travel from Delhi.

By Rai By Rail

This is probably the most less-fussier travel route till Jaisalmer. The city is very well-connected by train and there are several options for the tourists who are traveling from any other part of the country. You can get direct trains to Jaisalmer from the major cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kolkata, and even Mumbai. Between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, there are three trains that run daily within these two major cities in Rajasthan. From Delhi, there are four trains that operate directly to Jaisalmer. And in case you are looking for some luxurious travel, you can opt for the Palace on Wheels from Delhi and reach Jaisalmer after hopping through the other major cities in Rajasthan.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Jaisalmer

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