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Far away from the hustle-bustle of regularly jam-packed cities, Bundi can be the best option for the tourists who want to avoid the over-crowded places as well as get the experience of the culture of Rajasthan. Here, visitors can be seen the centuries-old traditions in the streets and its old-world charm.

Bundi Palace– Bundi Palace is one of the popular sightseeing from Bundi Attractions and is well-known for its infinite natural beauty. This palace boasts both the historical and cultural significance which will help the tourists to get a glimpse of the town’s traditions and lifestyle. It is a great place for the history buff.

Moti Mahal– This mahal is one of the unmatched attractions of Bundi. Here, tourists can enjoy the panoramic view of the arid Aravali hills along with the historic beauty of the Moti Mahal Palace. It also gives the view of the ancient Nagal Sagar Lake in its backdrop. The interiors of the fort show the richness of the Rajput rulers in Rajasthan.

Sukh Mahal– It is also called as Sukh Sagar and Palace of Bliss. In part era, this palace was used to be the summer retreat for the rulers of Bundi. The main attraction of this palace is a white marble Chhatri or an umbrella. This magnificent Chhatri stands on the roof of the second story of this palace.

Taragarh Fort– It is one of the most impressive monuments of Bundi and was constructed in 1354. It is popularly called the “Star Fort” and situated on a steep hill. This fort gives a breathtaking and panoramic view of the entire city. This fort also includes some more structures including the Rani Mahal, Garbha Gunjan or Grand Canyon, etc.

Shikar Burj– Shikar Burj is the main tourist place in Bundi. It is located at a little distance from the Sukh Mahal. Actually, this Burj is an old hunting cottage owned by the rulers of Bundi.

Step Wells– The step wells are the trademark feature of Bundi. These were built as a means of providing water service to the famine prone town of Bundi. The step wells are also known as vav, Baoli, Sagar, or Kund. The shapes of step wells are different and are mainly used to store and collect water.

Hathi Pol– The Hathi Pol is the massive entrance into the Garh Palace that has two trumpeting elephants which form an arc. Maharaja Rao Ratan Singh was constructed this arc-shaped entrance.

Badal Mahal– This palace is located on the premises of the Taragarh Fort. The walls of this majestic mahal are covered with exquisite paintings. All the paintings are depicted under the influence of Chinese culture.

Nawal Sagar Lake– This Lake is another tourist place in the quaint city of Bundi. It is a manmade lake that can easily be seen from the Taragarh Fort. This lake consists of a few small islands. It is situated in the middle of the city so that visitors can get to see the reflection of the entire city on the serene waters of this lake.

Chhatra Mahal– This mahal is the most prominent mahal of Bundi. It was constructed by Chatar Sal in the year 1660. This palace bears a strong proof of the independence of the state, thus, the Rajput rulers enjoyed their victory from Mughal power.

Phool Mahal– This mahal is a huge fortress that stands on the banks of the Phool Sagar Lake. This lake derives its name from the Phool Mahal. It is also called the Flower Palace which was constructed by the Maharaja Bahadur Singh in 1945.

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