Bhainsrorgarh Fort, Bundi

Bhainsrorgarh Fort, Bundi

The 250-year old Bhainsrorgarh Fort is one of the most spectacular palaces in Rajasthan, built on a 200-foot cliff overlooking the wide River Chambal and set in lovely gardens. Bhainsrorgarh is an impregnable fort, inhabited from at least the 2nd century BC and it is dramatically positioned between two rivers, the Chambal and Bamani. It had passed through the hands of several clans before becoming the seat of a premier noble of Mewar, the large region around Udaipur and Princely State of the Sisodia clan. 

Built by Rawat Lal Singh (second son of Rawat Kesari Singh of Salumber), Bhainsrorgarh was granted as a jagir (fiefdom) by Maharana Jagat Singh II of Mewar in 1741 A.D. Bhainsrorgarh held great importance to the Chundawat clan of Sisodia Rajputs, as it was granted to Rao Chunda after he renounced the Mewar throne for his yet to be born younger brother. As the eldest son of Rana Lakha, then ruler of Mewar, Rao Chunda was the heir apparent to the throne of Chittor. 

Historical accounts have it that after Khilji invasion, no building, palace or temple was left standing within the fort precincts. Khilji had probably underestimated Rajput fortitude. The place was rebuilt though its natural vulnerability ensured that it changed hands quite freely between Rajput clans such as the Dodias, Parmaras, and Choondawats until it came to the Hadas.

Bhainsrorgarh Fort lies at the far end of a natural line of rocky cliffs that runs parallel to the great Chambal River for a fair distance. While the river and the cliffs facing it provide an unassailable wall of protection from one side, a small rivulet flowing on another side of the fort and joining up with the main river adds another line of cover. British historian Col. James Todd after seeing the splendid and mesmerizing beauty of Bhainsrorgarh said that if he was offered a Jagir in Rajasthan and given the option to choose, it would be Bhainsrorgarh.

The fort has now been converted into a luxury heritage hotel by the erstwhile royal family. The royal family-in-residence welcomes you to experience a stay in this incredible fort! The atmosphere, views, personal service and beautifully laid out gourmet meals have enchanted many visitors since the fort opened to guests in 2006. Surrounded by rivers on three sides and nestled among the Aravali ranges and dense forests, the beauty of this fort calls to tourists from all over the world.

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