Best Time to Visit Bundi

Summer Season (April to June):

The summertime of the Bundi is the least advisable time for the visitors because they will find hot and unbearable summers in this region. The summer season begins from April and goes until June and temperature goes too high as 45 0C which can ruin the outdoor plans of the tourists. Because it will too be tiring and exhausting to go sightseeing as various forts are situated atop hill and visitors will have to trek to reach there. Hot and dry winds blow during the daytime while the night can be pretty good as the temperature range is about 35 0C.

Winter Season (October to February):

The winter season is an ideal season for the tourists. The lovely ambiance and pleasant climate of Bundi are waiting for your arrival. October onwards, the area of the Bundi region turns lively and delightfully owing to the wonderful climate. Here, people explore this spectacular region and its attraction points in the cool breeze that will be a great experience for all the visitors. Bundi Utsav is the main festival of Bundi which comes in November every year. During this festival, Bundi comes alive with color and preparation for the Bundi Utsav. It is a three-day festival where locals celebrate music, folk dances, and handicrafts. Apart from it, one can witness jovial events like mustache competitions and turban-binding competition.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The monsoon season comes from July to September. During this season, Bundi receives moderate to occasionally heavy rainfall, thus, it is worth visiting place in this season. Monsoon season is the best time for budget travelers who can expect good discounts from hotels. The temperature ranges from 24 0C to 32 0C in this season. At times, the humidity levels reach close to 90% so that the body gets drier and dehydrated. The Kajli Teej festival is the main festival of the monsoon season.

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