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If you like to get an insight into the history of Rajput, then you must visit Bikaner. Founded by Rao Bika Jiin 1488 AD, this beautiful city in Rajasthan is the center of the Rajput glory. Bikaner tourist attractions include many forts, palaces, temples, Havelis and museums that exhibit the rich history and grandeur of the kings of the bygone era. Riding in tongas (horse carts) along the narrow streets of Bikaner can take you to the environ of the 16th-century Rajasthan. The only thing you will miss is the presence of a Rajput king on horseback with an open sword. But don’t worry, there are a number of museums that preserve the mark of Rajputana bravery such as sword, war drums, costumes, etc.Apart from that, you can also enjoy a desert safari as Bikaner is close to the Thar Desert. Bikaner features beauty, glory and excitement that make the place a must-visit for all. Here is a list of top Bikaner tourist places and attractions.

A tour to the Junagarh Fort, a prominent attraction here, will take you to the desert as this majestic fort is located amidst the Thar Desert. Built by Raja Rai Singh in 1594, the fort is sprawled over 5.28 hectares of land that houses many temples, palaces, and pavilions. The most beautiful among the seven palaces within the fort complex is Phool Mahal. The Ratan Behari Temple was specially built for the royal family and remains crowded by the visitors during the Gangaur Festival and Dussehra. A museum here exhibits many ancient manuscripts, royal documents, portrait galleries, jewels, costumes and swords.

If we talk about the other Bikaner points of interest, Prachina Museum deserves the equal mention. Nestled within the Junagarh Fort, this museum is a must-visit site. This is a comparatively newer establishment built by Siddhi Kumari princess of Bikaner in 2000. The museum houses textile, many royal costumes, and portraits of former kings, etc. Here you can also view European wine glasses and other decorative objects like cutlery and crockery used in the regal kitchen. The exquisitely crafted rugs and carpets give you an idea about the artistic richness of India.

The red stone-built Gajner Palace is a fine example of architectural brilliance. Being located amidst the lush forest covering an area of 6000 acres of land, the vast lawn of the palace is home to the migratory birds. For bird lovers, this is one of the best places to visit in Bikaner India.

Inhabited by 20,000 rats, the Karni Mata Temple is considered as one of the most sacred places to visit in Bikaner. Built-in the 15th-century, this temple is dedicated to Karni Mata or Goddess Durga and is thronged by several devotees. This temple outstands amongst the rest of the temples in Bikaner.

Located about 8kms from Bikaner National Research Centre on Camel is more of a breeding farm, which has about 230 camels of 3 different breeds. Timings to visit the farm are from 2.30 PM to 5 PM. Exploring the museum and enjoying a camel ride here is an absolute must.

As Bikaner is close to the Thar Desert, a desert safari must be included in the tourist attractions in Bikaner Rajasthan. You can explore the charm of rural Rajasthan and the excitement and the struggle of the desert life on the back of a camel. Enjoying folk music and traditional food as a part of desert safari lures tourists from everywhere. Plan your trip with us and we will make it memorable like never before.

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