National Research Center, Bikaner

National Research Center, Bikaner

National Research Centre on Camel Bikaner, Rajasthan is one of the most prominent places in India to learn about the camels. The camel is considered as an essential animal of the fragile desert eco-system. The camel has become an icon of adaptation to the challenging ways of living in arid as well as in semi-arid zones with its unique bio-physiological characteristics. Camels are also fondly called the ‘Ships of the Desert’ and they can live without water for many days.

In 1984, the Camel Research Centre, Bikaner was established by the Central Government under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. It is situated on the outskirts of Bikaner city that promotes research and development on camels. National Research Center, Bikaner is also known as Camel Breeding Farm. It is one of the biggest camel farms in Asia. This farm is a complex of enclosures, camel stables, and buildings. The main objectives of the Camel Research Institute, Bikaner are camel breeding and utilization of camel milk and made a different variety of cuisine from camel milk like ice cream.

Camels are also used as a mode of transportation. He transports many goods in many districts of Rajasthan. Besides, it saves fuel and provides a livelihood to many camel herders. Every year, the International Camel Festival is organized around 12-13 January in Bikaner. This festival includes camel race, camel dance, traditional folk dances by locals, and artwork on various breeds of camels. This colorful Fair provides delightful presentations by trained camels.

This National Research Center has different types of camels including Jaisalmer Camels, Mewari Camels, Bikaneri Camels, Kachchhi Breed Camels, and Desert Camels. It also comprises a museum that represents the history of the institution and numerous decorative items of camels. Apart from it, this research institute has engaged in a wide range of projects like developing electricity through camel draught ability.

This National Research Center is 8 kilometers from Bikaner City. It can be easily explored in an hour or two. The best time to visit this place is around 3 PM when the herd of 400 camels returns from their daily desert visit. It is a wonderful experience to seeing these creatures coming back in a group which is an exotic and magnificent view. Here, you will not only enjoy the entire ambiance but also spends a gala time watching the camel calves.

The authorities provide the facilities to the tourists like camel riding and Safari. There are souvenir shops and camel milk parlor for tourists within this research center. One can enjoy numerous beverages and ice-creams which are made up of camel milk. Visitors can buy beautiful handicrafts made from camel skin. There is a huge collection of camel skin bags, purses, caps, camel tooth small key chains, shawl of camel hair, and artwork made of camel bone, etc.

The nearby attractions of the National Research Centre on Camel Bikaner are Karni Mata Temple, Laxmi Nath Temple, Kote Gate, Prachina Museum, War Memorial, Junagarh Fort, Ganga Government Museum, Lalgarh Palace, Ratan Bihari and many more. Also, travelers can try local delicacies at nearby restaurants.

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