Weather of Punjab

Winter Winter in Punjab
( October till February - 8 °C - 32 °C )

The winter season is marked by chilly nights, low or freezing point temperatures and frosty weather. Punjab Weather in the winter season remains pleasant and soothing at the beginning of this season. The temperature of the day time stays around 26 degrees Celsius while in some areas; it drops down to sub-zero during the night time. This season comes in Punjab from November and runs till February. The coldest months of the year in Punjab are December and January. During this time, tourists can enjoy the best of the place in a cozy manner.

Summers Summer in Punjab
( March till June - 40 °C - 45 °C )

The summer season in Punjab is from April and stretch till the end of June. The climate of Punjab is marked by extremely high temperatures, very hot, and humid. Thus, the weather of Punjab in the summer season is not suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The high temperature is witnessed in the months of May and June because the sun rays fall directly over the northern parts. This thing makes this season quite unbearable for the travelers. During this period, Loo or hot summer winds are quite prominent across the state so that people should stay hydrated all the time and avoid any chances of heatstroke.

Monsoon Monsoon in Punjab
( July till September - 18 °C - 20 °C )

The monsoon season in Punjab commences from early July to late September. The close proximity of the hills to Punjab brings heavy downpours to the state. The rainfall ranges of this state are from 300 mm to 1250 mm so that the climatic situations of this season mostly stay wet and humid. During this season, most parts of Punjab receive heavy showers due to the strong monsoon currents which originate from the Bay of Bengal. Moreover, the climatic situations of the monsoon season can be good for nature lovers who want to cherish the greenery which comes after the heavy showers.

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