Government Art Museum and Gallery, Chandigarh

Government Art Museum and Gallery, Chandigarh

Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarhwas formed during the Partition of India in August 1947. The museum holds some of the most well-preserved artifacts along with having a rich collection of Rajasthani miniature paintings of the Gandhar era.

These priceless artifacts were earlier located in the Central Museum of Lahore and after the partition around 4 out of 10 artifacts were transferred to India. One of the most multi-dimensional museums in India, the Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigarh holds some of the rarest artifacts that can be found in India.


Government Art Museum and gallery architectureresemble the splendid architecture of the entire city as this monument was also designed by the city’s famous architect Le Corbusier. You can see the picturesque mountains of the Shivalik mountain range from the museum. The experience of glaring at the beauty of these artifacts of this museum with the backdrop of the Shivalik Mountains is invigorating for the art connoisseur is something beyond words.

The beautiful murals painted by Satish Gujral add another dimension of beauty to this wonderful museum.


The structure of the building is exposed to concrete and many followers of modern architecture visit this building to see the zenith of Le Corbusier’s style of architecture.

How to reach

The Government Art Museum and gallery is located in Sector 10C of Chandigarh and you can easily reach here from any part of the city. You can take an autorickshaw, a cab or hop on to a city bus to reach this place.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit the Government Art Museum and Gallery would be between the months of October-March as this is the time when the weather is favorable for tourism. The temperature hovers around 20-30 degrees Celsius and you won’t have to face the harsh heat of India if you plan your visit during this time.

Places to visit nearby

You can visit many places like the Rock Garden, The Hibiscus Garden, The peace Garden, Sukhna Lake, Capitol Complex, Mohali cricket stadium and the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden near the Government Art Museum and Gallery.

Government Art Museum & Gallery timings: 10 A.M to 4:30 P.M. (Closed on Monday)

Government Art Museum and Gallery entry fees:INR 10 per Person & Camera Fees is INR 5

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