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The best time to visit Punjab is between the months of October and March. During this time, it is the spring and winter season in this North State of India. The weather conditions are pleasantly cold at the starting of the winter season but incredibly drop down during the peak season while summer season makes Punjab state extremely hot and humid. On the other hand, the monsoon season can be a good idea to explore Punjab that depends on region to region because certain locations receive heavy rainfall.

Summer Season (April to June):

The summer season starts in April and continues until June in Punjab. During peak season, the maximum temperature of this state experiences around 45 degrees Celsius, whereas the minimum temperature can around 29 degrees Celsius. The visitors can deduce because the summers are extreme. But if people go to Punjab at the beginning of the summer season, then they will be able to witness the grand festival of this season, Baisakhi. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the month of April.

Winter Season (October to March):

This chilly season starts to take over the monsoon season from October onwards and goes on until March. The temperature lies between 3 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius but some regions of Punjab experience less than sub-zero temperature. The winter season in Punjab remains pleasant and cool so that tourists have to carry woolen clothes during their visit. The winter season makes exploring the sightseeing a tremendously enjoyable experience for the visitors at day time without bearing the heavy rainfalls and scorching heat so that winter season is the best season to visit Punjab. Also, the winter season is the festive season of Punjab and tourists experience the vibrant celebrations of the festive days. Some popular festivals of Punjab are – Lohri Festival, the winter harvest festival which is celebrated in January, Basant Panchami Festival is celebrated in January or February which marks the onset of the spring season, and the exciting festival of Hola Mohalla which come in March month. It is the perfect time to explore the culture and colors of Punjab.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

July marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Punjab, and this season lasts till September. The monsoon season brings relief from the rising temperature that the state witnesses. During this season, the heavy rainfall is observed especially in the regions that are situated to close to the foothills of the Himalayas. No outdoor activity can be performed in this period. But the rainfall is beautifully transformed Punjab that draws the attention of nature lovers who can easily absorb in the lush greenery and the fresh air in the region. The popular festival of this season is Teeyan which is celebrated in August that marks the arrival of monsoons every year. One would get to witness traditional dance, folk music, lots of colors, and other fun activities.

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