Weather of Pondicherry

Winter Winter in Pondicherry
( October till February - 8 °C - 32 °C )

The best weather to visit Pondicherry can be found during the winter months of November to February when the temperature ranges from 22 to 32 degrees Celsius. The temperature is cool and you can enjoy the beauty of Pondicherry without worrying about getting wet either with rain or sweat. Light showers greet the city during winters but they rarely take the intensity of monsoon showers.

The winter months are ideal for visiting Pondicherry if you wish to rejuvenate with yoga because the international yoga festival is held on the 7th of January every year during the winter season.

Summers Summer in Pondicherry
( March till June - 40 °C - 45 °C )

Pondicherry climate is normally pleasant all year round with only summer months being a slight exception. Summer Months range from March to June with the temperature touching 42 degree Celsius and humidity soaring to towering heights of 93% summers are not the ideal time to visit Pondicherry. But if you are a water sports aficionado, then Pondicherry heat won't matter to you.

Also, the Tamil New Year falls in April, which is a summer month. The festivities are pure fantasy and shouldn't be missed if you are planning to visit Pondicherry during summers. Summers are a blessing in disguise if you want to escape the crowds. You can enjoy the serene beaches and the mangroves of Pondicherry calmly during summers as the crowds will be low during this season.

Monsoon Monsoon in Pondicherry
( July till September - 18 °C - 20 °C )

The serene beauty of Pondicherry can be best experienced during the months of monsoon which lie from July to September. Puducherry temperature ranges from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. Colorful flowers lush green scenery and the exquisite smell of wet sand will greet you in Pondicherry during monsoon. Let the rains of Pondicherry wash away all your tensions as you practice some yoga moves in this peaceful atmosphere.

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