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Pondicherry, the mesmerizing French colonial town in southern India is one of the quietest places that you can ever visit in India. The French left behind a lot of legacy in the form of architecture in this beautiful town. There is no other town in India that has such heavy French influence as it consists of many famous French-style buildings like the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the white town, French quarters, governors building, and Tamil quarters. The best months to visit Pondicherry can generally be considered from October to March due to the enjoyable weather.

In this article, we will learn about the best time to visit Pondicherry and accordingly you can plan your Pondicherry tour.

Summer Season (April to June):

Summers in Pondicherry are hot and humid with mercury easily touching 40 degrees. Hence it is best to avoid Pondicherry during summer. You should consider visiting Pondicherry during summer months only if you are looking for a bargain deal or if you are a water sports lover.

Winter Season (October to March):

Being a beach town, winter can be considered as the ideal time to visit Pondicherry. The temperature during winter stays in the range of 15-25 degrees Celsius and the atmosphere is generally pleasant.

The famous yoga festival takes place in January. People from all over the world flocks to this small town during this time and there are many seminars, workshops and discussions on the subject of Yoga during this festival. You can meet great Yoga gurus at this festival and you should not give this festival a miss if you are a yoga aficionado. Apart from the yoga festival, many other local festivals are also celebrated during winters and this makes winters more special in Pondicherry.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

Monsoon starts from July and lasts till September and the temperature usually varies between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. You can also visit Pondicherry during the monsoon season, and many people consider monsoon to be the best time to visit Puducherry.

The beauty of Pondicherry is magnified during monsoons as the entire place is surrounded by dense forests, colorful butterflies and chirping birds. You must visit Pondicherry during the monsoons if you love greenery.

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