Auroville, Pondicherry

Auroville, Pondicherry

Auroville Pondicherry is a city where different nationalities and cultures meet. It is also known as the city of the Dawn. Situated at a distance of about 8 km from the city, the Auroville is home to people from almost 50 different countries and is widely considered a global city. Easily accessible from the streets, the Auroville city is a symbol of cultural harmony and community life. Mirra Alfassa, who was better known as 'Maa', introduced as a project by Sri Aurobindo Society in 1968. The establishment of the city was an idea of creating a universal space where men and women of all countries and cultures can live together and dream of harmony and progress. 

The city of Auroville includes various fields, such as the Peace Zone, the Industrial Area, the residential area, the International Zone, the Cultural Area, and the Green Belt work. The main attraction of Auroville Pondicherry is the Mother Temple, which attracts the tourists due to its magnificence. Auroville Beach has also located nearby the city, which is also thrived by tourists. During the inauguration of the ashram, a lotus is kept which was made up of soil collected from 124 countries. It is a symbol of universal oneness. 

The Matri Mandir is positioned in the center of the developing township and is spread over 62 acres of the city. It cannot be called as a temple as such but is a place for people to do meditation and spend some time in peace. The architecture is such that the inner chamber consists of 12 sides and is built with white marble. There is also an optical glass globe placed at the center of the marble. A channel of daylight is focused by the way of a heliostat which is mounted on the roof. As the light descends on the globe it gives a focal point. The architecture of the building is a mixture of both Indian and western traditions. The people living in Auroville Pondicherry are practicing education, cultivation, management, business, indulge in handicrafts, healthcare projects, and alternative technology. The ashram also has its involvement in international award-winning developmental projects such as AuroRE Systems which is involved in solar photovoltaic and thermal systems.

The people of Auroville have done the major forestation work. This has converted an unfertile land into a vast area of vegetation. This project was endorsed by the Indian government, and the resolution was sanctioned by UNESCO in the year 1966 praising this as "a project of importance to the future of humanity". 

If you want to visit the Matri Mandir then the tickets are available at the site, you cannot buy on the internet. It takes around 10 to 12 minutes from the entry gate to reach the center by walk. 


Auroville Pondicherry Timings: 24 hours

Auroville Pondicherry Entry Fees: Nil

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