Best Places to Travel in India by Month

Being a regular traveler, one of the most common questions that often cross your mind might be, ‘where to travel (for a month)?’If it’s true then you are probably reading the perfect thing today. This article will give you an idea about the places that you can visit in India during the different travel months. The world is well-accessible these days and when you have us by your side, you can very well decide your next holiday destination according to the months.

India is an amalgamation of various seasons. It also has some of the best travel destinations for every month and hence, one should keep in mind several aspects while booking tickets for a particular place. The diverse landscape of India is truly blessed with diverse climates and each of the months bring something to look forward to in this country. There is snow in the winters, tropical sunshine, very warm summer months, and absolutely blissful monsoons. Generally, the best time to visit India is anytime between October and March. However, you can also plan your trips in India according to the various festivals it celebrates.

In order to help you plan your holidays in India better, here’s a list of places that you should visit according to the months in the country. This will provide you with the best holiday ideas by month. Let’s have a look!


The best places to visit in January in India are many as the weather is most suitable for a trip to the country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you can have the most pleasant holiday experiences during this month. Hill stations like Darjeeling, Munnar, Gangtok, Himachal Pradesh, etc., are some of the most preferred destinations during this month. Also, the South Indian holiday destinations like Kerala, Pondicherry, Chennai and Mahabalipuram has the perfect weather in January minus the heat waves and hence, visiting these places should be there on your list too! Traversing the Golden Triangle India is yet another exciting option to consider.

Simply put, from Shillong to Shimla and from Jim Corbett to Ranthambore, January is undeniably the best month to plan a holiday in India. You can be a part of the colorful Republic Day parade in January in Delhi or can enjoy a walk over the magnificent frozen lake in Zanskar during the Chadar Trek. You can sail through the crystal clear turquoise water of Dawki in Meghalaya or spend some productive days in Jaipur while attending the famous Jaipur Literature Festival.


The spring comes with the dawn of February in India and it’s officially the end of the chilly winter day and nights. The weather is comfortable and again, most splendid for traveling around the country. So, in case you are not able to plan a trip during January, worry not, as February is there at your rescue! You can spend a romantic gateway with your partner during Valentine’s week in India in places like Goa, Karnataka or Kerala. The best holiday destinations in India in February are many and we can help you choose the best of the lot, as per your requirements.

Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andaman Islands, the Himalayas, or Madhya Pradesh, you can plan the most relaxing trip of your life during this month. You can spend a night or two in the tents at Rann of Kutch in Gujarat with local music and dance to keep yourself entertained. Attending the Khajuraho Dance Festival will surely leave you spellbound. No matter whether you are looking for a long trip, throughout the month during February or a short one, we can provide you with the best of travel plans always.


This is the month of festivities in India. Holi, the most famous of the lot, can be celebrated anywhere in the country, even if you are on a vacation. It is the onset of spring and hence, is a good time to make a travel plan. The weather is a little warmer but the evening breeze makes it bearable. Holidays in India in March should be clubbed with a festival in order to get the best essence of it. You can visit Rajasthan to be a part of their famous royal Holi. You can be a part of the fun Lathmar Holi in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Besides this, you can be present at Rishikesh for its International Yoga Festival, have a good time at Ratnagiri’s Velas Turtle Festival or experience something different at Jaipur’s Elephant Festival.

While holidaying in this month, you can keep in mind the weather and plan your trip accordingly. You can pay a visit to the beautiful hill stations in the country like Munnar in Kerala, Darjeeling in West Bengal, Gangtok in Sikkim, Ooty, Nainital, Manali, Shimla and so on. The list is endless and you need to prepare well for the trip in order to experience the best. You can even pay a visit to a national park this month. Kaziranga National Park in Assam or Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh are the best bets.


April is the official start to the summer months in India. And keeping this in mind, it’s better to plan a holiday in the hills during this month. You can also pay a visit to the different tea gardens in India. The beautiful tea gardens of Assam, Darjeeling and Ooty are simply stunning. The list of the best places to go on a holiday in April in India also includes a few of the most popular as well as some off-beat places. The stunning islands of Andaman or the enigmatic hills of Manali need to be explored and are as glorious in April as they are for the rest of the year. In case you would like to give the maddening crowd around a miss, a holiday in Goa in the month of April is just meant for you. It is also the month when the doors of the famous Char Dhams in Uttarakhand open up for the ardent devotees.

There are some of the best of places with the most serene environment which is the most suitable to beat the heat. The hill stations in the Himalayas and the Western Ghats are some of the most sought after locations. The beaches are also interesting during this month as it’s absolutely crowd-less and hence, without any commotion.


May is humid and hot in the country. However, even in this weather, there isn’t any dearth of places to visit during May in India. It is the most preferred time to visit the hills and Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Mussoorie, Nainital, Ooty, Munnar, Wayanad, Coorg and Mount Abu amongst any others are the particular top holiday destinations throughout May. May is also the perfect time to be able to plan a trip to the hills in the parts of West Bengal like Darjeeling, Gangtok in Sikkim, Shillong in Meghalaya and even Munnar in Kerala. Above all, Ladakh, the unexplored "Land of High Passes" is heaven during May. This particular remote region is typically the heart of Himalayas and it clears up its passes within the peak of summertime to receive visitors following long-awaited months. So, you surely wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to visit Ladakh, isn’t it?

With the most stunning places to visit in May, it can be a month of unlimited excitement and frolic in India for travelers. You can get in touch with us for the best of holiday plans in May in the country and we will shower you with different options. Just go through our summer holiday packages and get the most suitable deals on places to visit in May in India to enjoy family holidays, romantic honeymoon stays and other memorable vacations.  With so many options to choose from the places to visit in May, it is the month of unlimited fun and frolic.


By mid-June, the monsoon hits cities like Mumbai and Goa and by the end of this month, Rajasthan and Delhi welcomes the rains before it makes its way up to the hills. So, In June, you can plan a trip if you love the monsoons and be a part of this beauty of nature. In most parts of India, June is a hot month with some ridiculously high temperatures. However, the heat can lessen a bit with rains. The rainfall is a relief from the high heat for the locals as well as the visitors and they simply look forward to the first drop of rains. Fields turn in to lush green beauties and the streams overflow with sparkling water. It’s a very pleasant sight indeed. Best places to visit in June in India is ample to make a choice from.

June is the month of summer holidays in India and the hill stations are crowded with visitors during this month. Even desert kingdom of Rajasthan has a hill station, called Mount Abu, and it is a perfect place to experience the bliss during this month. However, if you wish to escape both the monsoon and the heat, you should book your tickets for Ladakh or Lahaul and Spiti, and you will never be disappointed! These are some of the best travel destinations in India for the month of June and visitors from all around the globe plan their stays at these places during this time. The high mountain ranges in the Himalayas offer some breathtaking views and awesome opportunities for hiking. Ladakh is one of the best holiday destinations in June. In the month of June, the days are moderately warmer but the nights are quite pleasantly cool at any place. So, you can plan a trip to Ladakh this month.


July is a wet month in India and there are a number of places to visit in India in July. With the monsoon picking up its pace, you will experience frequent showers all throughout the day. However, this shouldn’t be a problem in case you wish to travel during this month. Monsoon season is extremely beautiful in India and it is the perfect time to be in communion with the mother earth!

You can visit the northern parts of the country like the mighty Himalayas, or simply make your way looking for some leisure and variety in the South Indian destinations. The Himalayan mountain ranges will provide you with some exquisite adventures! In July, hence, you should definitely steal some time from your otherwise busy schedule and get all set to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in some of the best locales of Coorg of Kerala, Wayanad or Munnar, Kovalam, Pondicherry, Shillong or Cherrapunji.


There are a host of holiday destinations perfect to pay a visit to during August in India. And truly speaking, you can have a few advantages of going on a holiday during this month in India as well. Firstly, your hotel accommodations will be at a much-discounted price as it’s not the peak tourist season in the country. This makes August a great time to travel for the backpackers all over the world as well. Secondly, you can very well enjoy the beauty of most of the places without the crowds around you. Isn’t that amazing? So, in case you were thinking about where to go on holiday in August, we can help you out in the best possible way.

This is the month of admiring lush greeneries all around the mountains, the beautiful and balmy sunsets, the picturesque crystal clear waters that reflect the vibrant surroundings and last but not least, the sky-high waterfalls and water bodies. In case you have already started imagining yourself amidst one of these, it’s high time that you just buck up and book your tickets! Places like Kerala, Bhopal, Assam are some of the best places to visit during August in India.  


September is the end of the monsoon season in the country and it is also the last ‘off-season tourist month’ for the hotels and resorts in India. The accommodation options in India provide amazing discounts during the off-season. At some of the most magnificent heritage hotels and resorts in India during this time, you can stay a much-discounted rate. At the same time, you will not even have to worry about the herd of tourists around you in the best places to visit in India in September.

The magnificent Himalayan destinations and the royal Rajasthan cities are some of the best holiday destinations in September in the country. But apart from these, a few days in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu can also be some of the best places to travel in September. Kerala’s and Goa’s beaches are stunning during this month and hence, should not be given a miss. Also, the hill stations of the North, as well as the South of India, are absolutely worth visiting too.


October is the month of festivities in the country. People celebrate Dussehra with much pomp and glory in India. But in case you wish to get a different taste of this festival, you need to pay a visit to Kullu. They have a very unique way of celebrating Dussehra where they carry Lord Raghunath’s idol in a palanquin. In Mysore, the festival is celebrated by lighting up the Mysore Palace beautifully. The month is also the best time to start your Golden Triangle tour in India.

Not only being a part of these festivities, but you can also enjoy a romantic holiday with your partner in this month. You can opt for the beautiful beaches or the lush green Himalayan towns. You can go to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh or go on the famous Har Ki Doon Trek. Whatever you wish to experience during your holiday in October, we can help you out with planning the same. October is the start of the tourist season in the country and hence, you need to book your tickets and stay at the earliest. We have numerous October holiday plans for places all over India and all you need to do is get in touch with us for the best packages ever.


If you wish to travel to India in November, you can rest assured that you will enjoy every bit of it. Whether it’s the mangroves or backwaters in Kerala or the perfect beaches in Goa, this is the perfect month for planning a trip in the country. Even the otherwise hot destinations in Gujarat becomes pleasant and comfortable for planning a holiday. And the Kutch desert is something which you should definitely keep in your itinerary in November if you are visiting that part of the country. The perfect weather conditions and the lush greeneries all around will keep you hooked all throughout the holiday.

Although you will still not feel the winter chills in India in November, you can still have a comfortable vacation during this month. If you wish to be a part of any local festival while on your vacation, you can pay a visit to Alwar, Rajasthan for experiencing the vivid colors of their famous Matsya Festival and get a glimpse of the Bundi Utsav in Bundi, Rajasthan. The Pushkar Mela is an added plus. In November, while the hill stations in the north might experience their first share of snowfall, the southern mountains provide quite a magical aura in its mystic atmosphere which you would never like to miss.


If you are an avid traveler, you must have you heard about the famous Chadar Trek. If not, then you definitely need to be a part of it this December. You should definitely pay a visit to Kohima, in Nagaland, for the famous local Hornbill Festival which will stay in your memories for a long, long time. The Auli skiing experience in Uttarakhand is something that you must not miss! For the spiritually inclined, a trip to the temples of Tamil Nadu or a few days at the sacred Auroville Ashram in Pondicherry are some great options to spend some relaxing days during this month in the country. Rann of Kutch in Gujarat gets glorified with the various colors of its yearly extravaganza and you definitely need to spend a night in the desert to experience the best.  

The gentle weather conditions also make this month pretty ideal for exploring the central part of India and the otherwise hot deserts of Rajasthan. No matter whether you are a nature lover or a mountain explorer or just a laid back traveler, this is the perfect month for you to plan a trip for yourself and we can be of great help while planning your travel.

Month Wise Travel Destinations in India

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