Gateway of India Mumbai

Gateway of India Mumbai

India’s beloved attraction overlooking the Harbour is the Gateway of India, Mumbai. Incorporating the Islamic style of design, this early-twentieth-century structure, Gateway of India was commemorated in the year 1911. It was built to welcome King George V and his wife Queen Mary (Mary of Teck). However, the Gateway of India wasn't completed until 1924, hence, the inauguration year. It took approximately three years to complete the structure which was designed by the architect George Wittet. The idea behind the design of the structure is from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The archway of this impressive monument is 26 meters in height. It is decorated with beautiful latticework carved on the stones joined with four turrets on each corner. Back then, when India was under the rule of the British government, the Gateway of India was the main arrival point for the visitors. And the last British ships that were set to sail was in the year 1947 when the British were to leave the country.

Today, this lovely structure is a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. You can also find the Gateway of India information written on a slate in front of the monument. This exquisite arched structure bordered by the Arabian Sea is known for its airy arch. But that's not all, it also has an ideal location at the tip of Apollo Bunder in Colaba District. Making it just a place to cool down and enjoy the city lights after shopping and dining. It helps local vendors run their businesses selling quick snacks like Bhel Puri and other savory items. They also offer to take photographs of you and give you a hard copy and many miscellaneous things. It also is a major port for ferries plying to one of the prominent and a UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Elephanta Caves. Even though you are surrounded by modern marbles such as the impressive Taj Mahal Hotel, the arched structure oozes old-world charm. 

How to Reach - 

The Gateway of India is located in a very prominent location in South Mumbai. Getting here is a hassle-free journey. However, you will have to haggle for a cheaper ride from your stop. Taxis and autos are the best way to get around in Mumbai, they run in meter and can easily be found in the streets or airport and railway stations. Gateway of India is approx. 25 kilometers from Mumbai International Airport and 2.2 kilometers from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Station (CST). If you are staying in the Taj Mahal Hotel, you can easily reach the monument within a few minutes. 

Best time to visit -

Mumbai can be warm and pleasant most of the time but the ideal vacation period and the right time to see the attractions are from November to February. The majority of the activities and attractions remain open for business so you can walk freely and amid pleasant weather without worrying about rain or having a sunstroke from India’s intense summer. During winters, many tours are also provided by local vendors but it is recommended to take tours from reputable tour companies in order not to get scammed.


Gateway of India Timings– 24 hours open for public

Gateway of India Entry Fees- Nil

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