Best time to visit Mumbai

Summer Season (March to June):

The summer season in Mumbai starts from March and stays till mid-June. The warmth and humidity that occurred due to the blistering climate make open-air traveling a little awkward as Mumbai is likewise exceptionally populated. The normal temperature during this time ranges from 30 ° to 40 °Celsius. The oceanic atmosphere makes a great deal of humidity, so if you are wanting to visit Mumbai during this time, you need to carry a good amount of sunscreen, water, and light cotton attire as the sun is at its peak during the day time. June, however, is not the best month to visit Mumbai.

Winter Season (October to February):

It is the best weather to visit Mumbai. During winter months of December-February, however, the temperature fluctuates somewhere in the range of 5 degrees and 30 degrees Celsius. There's no humidity during these months. Night temperatures may tumble down to 15 degrees Celsius, which is pretty comfortable to roam around the city, do some shopping and explore the nooks and corners.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The slushy, overwhelming downpours in Mumbai during the monsoon season are truly not worth for the visitors. This is not the best time to go to Mumbai. The greatest and furthermore the most well-known celebration, Ganesh Chaturthi, a multi-day long undertaking is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm in this energetic city during the end of monsoons here. You will still appreciate your visit to the city during this time, if you are set up to overcome the rainstorm showers, overflowed lanes and wet climate. June to September are the wettest months with 25° to 30°C on a normal day.

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