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A couple of hours from Mumbai there is a place named Matheran that will take the tourists to a dreamy land of dense woodlands, misty hills, unknown trekking routes, and wispy clouds – a world in itself. So, Matheran is an abode of bliss and is a nature-kissed hill station that attracts many people to this place due to its fresh air, tranquility, and the old-world charm. There are many tourist attractions in Matheran offer stunning views of the peeks as well as surrounding areas. This extraordinary place gives the best Matheran sightseeing points which are undisturbed and untouched by the bustling city life that surrounds the town.

Echo Point– This photogenic point is popular for the echoes and reverberations it generates. This point is engulfed in a fluffy blanket of cotton clouds and also carpeted with a blanket of green grass. Even, this place provides a bird’s eye view of the entire region.

Louisa Point– It gives a splendid view of the scenery around the city as well as offers the view of Vishalgad and Prabal Fort. This point is surrounded by the best shades of nature and tourists will get the most soothing experience of their life.

King George Point– This point offers the view of the rolling hills that are covered in lush green natural vegetation and surrounded by the enchanting waterfalls, the valleys, and the mesmerizing Charlotte Lake. This place replenishes the mind, body, and soul of the tourists.

Panorama Point– This point is a scenic point that provides 360-degree panoramic views of the Western Ghats. This place is a magnet which attracts a large number of adventure seekers and photographers as it gives spellbinding views of the sunset and sunrise as well as views of lake, clouds, peaks, and valley.

Charlotte Lake– Also called the Sharlott Lake which is referred to as one of the most spectacular Matheran tourist spots. It is an ideal place for the picnickers and campers. Here, the tourists enjoy the charming ambiance of this place and retreat themselves in the lap of the nature.

Dodhani Waterfalls– It is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Matheran. This waterfall is situated at the base of Matheran Hills that presents the water rappelling activity. The fall is a 90 feet simmering beauty that gives nature photography options to the visitors.

Porcupine Point– It is named as Porcupine Point because it looks like a porcupine. From this point, tourists watch the sky at its best because the colors of the sky change from blue to pink and then become dark during sunset.

Honeymoon Hill– Long ago, it served as the honeymoon location to Parsis and Britishers which made it popular as Honeymoon Hill. Here, couples can spend their quality time with each other. It has its own aura and known as the “Indian Grand Canyon”.

One Tree Hill Point– It is a point where only one standing tree exists but this place also famous for its immense natural beauty. Standing at this point, anyone can access an unobstructed and panoramic view of the stretching forests and deep valleys that surround this gorgeous hill station.

Prabal Fort– It is perched at a height of 2,300 feet in the Western Ghats. This fort constructed at the peak of a rocky plateau and the perfect spot for trekkers who want to enjoy the adventure.

Khandala Point– This point is one of the most popular spots in Matheran Sightseeing Places that gives a stunning view of the scenic beauty of the location.

Ambarnath Temple– This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was made in 1,060. The stunning architectural design of this temple attracts many tourists and the Mahashivratri festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Rambagh Point– This point is popular as Sunrise Point. This place pleases the tourists with the stunning views of Khandala, Karjat, and other nearby places. It is adorned with a pleasant environment and gives the best view of the Eastern hills.

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