Prabalgad fort, Matheran

Prabalgad fort, Matheran

A small hill station located near Mumbai, Matheran. It was a favorite destination of the British officers before independence. The British developed infrastructure which contributed to the popularity of Matheran. The Prabalgad Fort in Matheran is a piece of history in this popular holiday destination. 

Located at an elevation of 2300 feet in the Western Ghats, this is one of the tiniest forts in Maharashtra. If you want to go for a good trek near Mumbai then Prabalgad Fort is one of the best forts that you can go to. The Prabalgad Fort in Matheran currently lies in ruins and has only 4 towers remaining out of the original 11. There is a small Ganesh Temple inside the fort and a small pond which adds to the beauty of this historical place. 

The fort was built by the Bahamani Sultanate to keep an eye on the Kalyan and Panvel Forts. It was eventually won by the great Maratha ruler Shivaji. Also known as the Muranjan, Pradhan Garh and Prabalmachi the fort held high military prominence during its heydays. The trek from the base to the top of the Prabalgad Fort is one of the most adventurous treks in Maharashtra. As there are rock-cut steps which are at a steep angle and apart from that, there are no safety rails to help you, the descent is especially dangerous. As the trek is difficult, it is not advisable for inexperienced mountaineers to attempt the trek.

The view from the top is alluring as you will see the Western Ghats wearing a green cover wherever your eyes take you. It is a treat for the eyes on a summer afternoon. The Prabalgad Fort is situated near Matheran and Panvel. Both of the places are well connected with major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai and Pune via the road network. You can easily hire a cab from Mumbai or Pune to reach Matheran and Panvel. And from there you could either hire a cab or take the State transport bus to Prabalgad.

The nearest airport to Prabalgad is the Mumbai International Airport and Pune Airport both of which are well-connected with other major cities of India and the world. The Panvel railway station is the nearest railway station to Prabalgad. This railway station is well connected with Mumbai and Pune. You should consider visiting Prabalgad if you are a trekking enthusiast. It is a paradise for adventure lovers and nature fanatics.

Note: Without guide you will not get entry in the trekking area. Entry is allowed in the trekking region is between 6:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.


Prabalgad Fort, Matheran Timings: Day time

Prabalgad Frot, Matheran Entry Fees: INR 20 for entering into the trekking area

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