Louisa Point in Matheran

Louisa Point in Matheran

Matheran is one of the few places in India that is a no-car zone; so, waking is a good way for the tourists to reach any place in the city and this is why the Matheran is an ecofriendly place. One such place is the Louisa Point which is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Matheran. This place is surrounded by beautiful plateaus and the spectacular views of the mountain ranges. There are some of the ancient monuments, which include the Vishal gad Fort and the Prabal Fort. The beautiful view of the ancient forts of Prabal and Vishal Garh from the Louisa Point provides an intense picture of the entire eastern region of the city. The Louisa Point is often visited by nature lovers who love to see the sunset.

Along with this point, there is another popular site known as Lion’s head. The shape of the point resembles that of the head of the lion. From the point, tourists can sight beautiful waterfalls and lake gardens. There are approximately 38 viewpoints in the Matheran that gives the entire view of the Western Ghats. And the Louisa Point is a most prominent and significant tourist place. The Louisa point has several attractions that can be easily seen from the point such as the old forts, the waterfalls, and flourishing lake gardens. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful lush green landscapes, and the Rocky Mountains lined by the colonial bungalows.

Louisa's point can be appropriately labeled as the most picture-perfect viewpoint of Matheran and is a real marvel of nature. The Louisa point is situated at extreme height and is one of the tallest peaks of this town. Louisa's point is distinctly located on a highland and offers some of the impressive views of the waterfalls and lakes.

To reach Matheran from Mumbai first you have to come to Neral, which takes around 3 to 4 hours. From there you have to board the toy train, or else you can trek if the weather is good. The route travels through the forest which is very quiet and serene which you will enjoy to the fullest. It is said that if you have very little time and you have to see any point then that should be Louisa's point. From there you can see the panoramic view of the entire Sahyadri range. There are the mountains and waterfalls on the opposite side of the Louisa Point which provides a stunning view. There is another angle from where you can capture the beautiful sceneries. 


Louisa Point, Matheran Timings: 24 hours

Louisa Point, Matheran Entry Fees: At Dasturi Point, one needs to pay INR 40 (adults) and INR 20 (for child)

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