Echo Point, Matheran

Echo Point, Matheran

Matheran is a quaint little hill station located in Maharashtra. This is an eco-sensitive tourism spot with mesmerizing scenic beauty. There are hardly any vehicles allowed in the hill station. You will get to see a lot of tourist spots in the region and the Echo point is one such place. As the name suggests, the echo point is known for the echoes and reverberations that are generated after you shout or scream. Due to this phenomenon, the spot is named as the Echo point. The natural virgin beauty of this place is also one of the highlights.

The Echo point is somewhat a lesson of physics with the real illustrations of acoustics. On top of the hill, one can see a fluffy blanket of clouds. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the entire region from the hilltop. The sight is absolutely wonderful. The mountains of the Sahyadri are a visual treat to the sore eyes.

This spot is a paradise for the food lovers as there are a lot of small shops and food stalls where you can savor some of the tastiest food and it is also very inexpensive. With clean surroundings and pleasant weather, the Echo point is a great destination for the weekend getaway.

With the view of lush green valleys and sparkling lakes, the Echo Point is a great place for photography. It is a paradise for shutterbugs and travel enthusiasts. Taking pictures against the backdrop of the Sahyadri hills and the blue skies is a kind of delight and the pictures are spectacular, to say the least. The early morning sunrise and evening sunsets are worth arresting with your lenses. Visit this tourist place for some of the purest snaps of the Mother Nature in all its magnificence.

Matheran has about 38 viewpoints nestled in the hills, and the Echo point is one of the most brilliant points. The destination is most visited throughout the rainy season when the region is filled with superb waterfalls. Nestled on the hilltop, it is a heaven for adventure lovers as there are some great activities to indulge like zip-lining and rope climbing.

Trekkers choose to travel by the buses from the Maharashtra State road transport service from Panvel to Dodhani is at a distance of 15km. From Dodhani you have to trek for an hour to reach the sunset point of Matheran. This trek is easy for walking and very safe as well. A lot of trekkers like the monsoon to trek to the sunset point and you have passed through the forest region. On the way, you will find lush green trees and a lot of streams.

The Echo point offers a great view of the Western Ghats and a lot of visitors will be there during the daytime. So, it is better to visit in the early morning and avoid the time after that morning hours. Crossing the valley by the zip-lining is one of the best experiences for the tourists. So, it's great to relax at the Echo point for a while and admire the nature in its full glory.


Echo Point, Matheran Timings: 24 hours

Echo Point, Matheran Entry Fees: Nil

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