Best Time to Visit Matheran

Summer Season (March to June):

This hill station serves as a calming retreat from the harsh summer sun. In this season, the temperature ranges between 22 °C and 33 °C so that it is a comfy summer haven. The summer season gives the best visibility regarding viewpoints as well as people can catch the most exquisite panoramic vistas of the Ghats. During this time, the sunrise and sunset at the viewpoints are particularly stunning and breathtaking. Biking is famous in the summer season as the hilly and winding paths take the bikers closer to nature and its bounty. One can also take a nature walk to spot various animals like barking deer, leopards, Malabar Giant squirrels, boars, and foxes, etc.

Winter Season (October to February):

The winter season brings lowered mercury levels in this little hill station and the temperature drops as low as 8 °C. During this season, the overall weather in Matheran is equipped with warm days and chilly nights which attract a large number of tourists in this season. Even, the winter season is the best time to visit Matheran for adventurers. Trekking in this season is famous because of the many waterfalls, rivulets, and cascades that are all replenished by the monsoon. This season makes trekking and hiking a delight as tourists explore and stumble upon new waterfalls and gushing streams.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The monsoon season brings welcome showers to Matheran in between June and September. It receives almost 150 inches of rainfall a year that makes it quite tricky to navigate. Also, the rainy season restores the hills to its natural shade as well as adds life to its seasonal waterfalls. In this season, it is difficult to explore outdoor sights in Matheran and visibility is quite poor as well. But still, tourists can explore the jungles in their lush and verdant glory because during this time the weather is not very humid.

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