Best Time to Visit Aurangabad

Summer Season (March to June):

Like the rest of central India, summers in Aurangabad last from March to June, and it can get sweltering during this time. The weather is dry and sunny, and there is frequent water shortage due to droughts. Each year, the temperature rises the heat waves, as well as hot winds, are common. Tourists are recommended to avoid this season mainly because of the lack of availability of water.

So if you wish to explore this historical city in a pleasant way then post-monsoon and winter are the best seasons to visit Aurangabad.

Winter Season (November to February):

Winter season is the best time to visit Aurangabad as the pleasant and calm weather of this city makes the sightseeing tour comfortable. November to February are the winter months in Aurangabad, and the climate is most suitable for tourism. Winters are quite chilly here as the temperature drops significantly. A large number of tourists prefer visiting the city during this season to spend some quality time. The full-fledged winter season continues into the month of January. This pleasant weather of Aurangabad is idyllic for exploring the historical monuments. The well-lit days are appropriate for visiting famous monuments like Ajanta and Ellora caves, Panchakki and Bibi Ka Maqbara. This period offers a good opportunity to carry out city expeditions and other outdoor activities, making it an ideal time for a visit.

Monsoon Season (July to October):

Monsoons in Aurangabad are short and sporadic since this region does not see much rainfall. The monsoon lasts from July to September or sometimes October and in the monsoon season this region is always cloudy, and it stays static for many days at a stretch. The temperature comes down to a comfortable level, but the weather is not pleasant for tourism as the presence of high humidity makes the climate sultry and inappropriate for going on city tours. The stifling weather prevents tourists from indulging in outdoor activities. However, the scenic beauty of Aurangabad is at its best during monsoons. The gushing water bodies and the scenic views of lush green terrains are something not to be missed, especially for rain lovers. The month of October brings the post-monsoon season into Aurangabad with welcoming clear skies, plentiful sunshine, and cool breeze. It is one of the best times to travel across the city to explore its scenic beauty and other nearby attractions. Keep an eye out for the holiday packages during this month to capture the true essence of this historical city.

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