Undheri Fort, Alibaug

Undheri Fort, Alibaug

Alibaug is a dream destination for beach lovers. This panoramic beach town will relax your mind and will help you in getting a break from the daily grind of life. Apart from the beach, Alibaug also holds a piece of history in the form of the Undheri Fort.

The fort was constructed by the Siddhi Kings in the 17th century. They fought the mighty Marathas for nearly a year before finally succumbing. The Marathas baked the fort Jaidurg and ruled there for nearly 150 years, after that the British won the fort from the Marathas and handed it over to the Angre's. The Angre's could not hold on to the fort for a long time and surrendered the fort back to the British in 1840.

Another fort known as the Khanderi Fort is the twin fort of the Undheri fort and is located at a distance of just 300 meters. The Khanderi Fort comprises a magnificent iron cannon that was used for protecting the fort from invaders. The fort currently lies in ruins after seeing the rule of three different rulers. You will find 3 artificial ponds inside the fort of Undheri which were used for rainwater harvesting. One pond is so deep that it consists of steps so that people can fetch water easily. The step wells look so amazing.

The fort has secret passageways which will take you to the exterior side of the fort. There are cannons scattered around the fort and the entire place has a certain old-world charm to it. Undheri is located in the town of Thal, which is around 8 km from Alibaug. State transport ply buses between Alibaug and Thal, alternatively you could take a cab to reach Thal. 

The nearest airport, railway station and bus station to Alibaug is the metropolis of Mumbai. Many private bus operators ply their trade on the Mumbai - Alibaug route. You could also hire a cab from Mumbai to Alibaug. One can also take a boat from Mumbai to reach Alibaug. Avoid visiting the Undheri fort during monsoon, as the Arabian Sea tends to be rough during this weather.

The fort of Undheri can be reached only via boat from the beach of Thal. Remember that Undheri does not have a jetty hence you can reach Undheri only during low tide. You should explore every nook and corner of this fort as it has several glorious tales to show.


Undheri Fort, Alibaug Timings:  24 Hours (2:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M preferred time)

Undheri Fort, Alibaug Entry Fees: Nil

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