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Alibaug is a little coastal town tucked away in the Konkan region of Maharashtra and has earned itself the name of “Mini-Goa”. This small town is enthroned with a plethora of tourist attractions from tranquil beaches to sacred temples. Alibaug Tourist Places is the huge collection of several sandy beaches, plenty of forts and temples, synagogues, churches, and much more.

Alibaug Beach – Alibaug Beach is one of the popular Alibaug sightseeing attractions. It is a picturesque black sand beach that is situated along the coast of the Arabian Sea. It also gives the panoramic sight of the Kolaba Fort from its shores. This beach is famous for the sceneries of sunrise and sunset.

Vrindavan Farm – In this farm, the tourists can take a walk through countless chikoo, mango, custard apple trees, crotons, guava, cacti and many more. It is also home to the Art and Craft Museum.

Nagaon Beach – This beach is lined with the subtle greenery of palms, Suru trees, and betel and is mostly famous for its cleanliness. It is a silky sand beach where many water sports activities are hosted at a reasonable price. Also, the beach shacks serve the finger-licking seafood and its tranquility attracts thousands of tourists.

Kolaba Fort – This fort is counted as one of most visited Alibaug tourist attractions. It is perched amidst the sea and covered by waters of the Arabian Sea from all sides. It is an old military fortification in India which is also known as the Kulaba Fort or Alibag Fort. It was built by Shivaji and now turned into a popular tourist attraction as a protected monument.

Brahma Kund – This kund is famous for its religious belief and was built in 1612. As Hindu mythology, the water of the kund was collected by constructing walls when Lord Brahma bathed Lord Krishna in an era bygone. The kund also consists of other tourist attractions such as Mirchi baba and Maruti mandir.

Mandwa Beach – It is a serene and quaint beach and is popular for its sandy golden beach, water sport activities, and scrumptious food. This beach also provides the direct ferry services which are available to and from Mumbai city.

Hanuman Temple – This temple is located within the premises of Kanakeshwar Devasthan Mandir. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The scenic beauty of this temple is breathtaking because it is situated on a hilltop.

Awas Beach – This beach is situated on the outskirts of Alibaug. It is a beautiful stretch of golden sands lined with Suru and casuarinas trees. This beach is a romantic getaway for the couples to spend their gala time in solitude.

Kasim Beach – This beach has an extensive coastline where visitors can take long walks as well as can sit and bask in the sun. It is a shining silver sand beach that is lined with gorgeous palm trees. Here, couples come to spend some moments of solitude and get a refreshing break.

Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple – This temple is popular as Shiva temple that is elevated on a hill at an altitude of 900 feet. Devotes climb 5000 odd steps to reach this temple.

Korlai Beach – During the rainy season, this beach is fulfilled with green-yellow weeds, grassy meadows, and pink oxalis flowers whereas it becomes rocky and deserted without the velvet cover in the extreme winters and heated summers time. This beach is mainly used for commercial and trade purposes.

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