Khanderi fort, Alibaug

Khanderi fort, Alibaug

The Khanderi Fort and the Undheri Fort were constructed on two islands, about 320 years ago. Located in Alibaug, the fort is located on a small island 3 km away from the Thal coast. You will have to reach the Khanderi ferry point by road and the take a ride on the ferry and reach the fort. At the same time, we have a lighthouse of it. This is now supervised by the Port Trust Administration. Tourists can visit the fort after the permission from the Bombay Port Trust.

The Khanderi Fort is located between Mumbai and Pune, at a distance of 8 km from Alibaug. It was built by the Maratha emperor Shivaji in the year 1680. The fort has a proper port built for the ships, as you move ahead there is a Vetal Temple where the fishermen do their rituals before sailing into the waters for fishing. On the highest point of the port, there is a lighthouse.

A large part of the fort is still in good condition, with the lighthouse being the most eye-catching construction is the lighthouse which was constructed by the British in June 1867 and the two-storied building upon which the lighthouse is situated. The fort is under the jurisdiction of the Indian Navy, which is a restricted area. Also, there are several old metal canons, a local saint, the tomb of Daud Pir, and a large rock which produces music when it is struck. In the year 1998, the Khanderi Island was renamed in the honor of the Maratha general Kanhoji Angre.

Until 1750 the fort remained under the Maratha rule, which was later taken over by the Peshwas. The fort was eventually ruled by the British Empire when they sieged it and constructed a lighthouse, there are only the ruins of the lighthouse at the moment. The lighthouse got its name as an octagonal masonry tower, which was constructed in the year 1867 and its height is about 75 ft. It is built on a house with a flat roof, at the center, there is a lantern, which is about 161 ft above the sea level.

In September 2013, the Ministry of shipping and the Indian Ministry of Tourism designed plans to develop the Khanderi Island and its octagonal lighthouse as a tourist destination.


Khanderi Fort, Alibaug Timings: 24 hours

Khanderi Fort, Alibaug, Entry Fees: Nil

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