Best Time to Visit Alibaug

Summer Season (March to June):

During this season, Alibaug experiences a considerably high footfall. The mellow and suitable temperature starts in March and lasts until June. It gets very crowded in April and May due to the summer holidays in school as well as during the festival of Gudi Padwa and Holi. In this season, the tourists can chill on the beaches and visit its popular destinations.

Winter Season (October to February):

November month marks the beginning of winter in Alibaug and it goes until February. The temperature is low but is comfortably cool not harshly cold. But the winter season brings out the true grandeur of Alibaug and chilled weather makes the sightseeing more thrilling. Music Festival is the popular festival of this season. This festival adds a musical touch to the tourist's visit to Alibaug. So, the winter season is also the Best Time to Visit Alibaug.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The advent of Monsoon season ignites the sublime avatar of Alibaug. Between August and October, the natural ambiance is coupled with heavy downpour and transforms the entire coastal landscape into a magical setting. People feel the smell of wet earth and enjoy the unmatched freshness of Alibaug. The cool breeze and the mystic romanticism drag the attention of the travelers. However, the Monsoon season has become the Best Time to go to Alibaug.

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