Akshi Beach, Alibaug

Akshi Beach, Alibaug

Akshi Beach is a quiet and serene tourist place which is situated between the Alibaug bus stand and Nagaon. It is one of the famous beaches in Alibaug and is one of the most sought after beaches in Maharashtra. Located in the Akshi Village, which is a fisherman's village and a lot of fishermen flock into the sea, hence the beach is not very popular amongst tourists making it isolated and peaceful.

Located at Alibaug - Revonda Road, Akshi has white sand all along the beach with a lot of the Suru trees along the beach. The combination of trees and white sand enhances the beauty of the beach. The tranquil waters striking the coast filled with coconut and palm trees make this place a romantic delight. Akshi beach is a long part of the Arabian Sea that stretches to Nagaon Beach in the south.

Akshi beach is an ideal place for those who are looking for peace and solitude. From the beach, visitors can see the Kolva Fort and Alibaug at a distance. It is one of the secluded beaches in the country. There is an old epigraph which dates back to 1012, and it is a great place to explore for people who are interested in local literature. The beach has when it comes to accommodation, you will find a lot of hotels and cottages. A sea is a safe place for activities like boating, sunbathing and swimming.as the shoreline is fairly flat.

A lot of different birds fly down to the Akshi beach making it a paradise for bird lovers. The different species that can be seen on the beach are the Bar-tailed Godwit, Seagulls, terns, Dunlin, and plovers to name a few. Akshi beach cannot be missed if you are a bird lover. It is a paradise for the nature lovers and shutterbugs. As many as over 300 species of birds flock every year to the beach. The migratory birds are also famous among travel enthusiasts and nature lovers. Hence the Akshi beach should be on your checklist of must-visit places.

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