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Alibaug is one of the popular travel destinations in Maharashtra. It is blessed with a less frequented placid beach that is adorned by whirling tides and black tinged sand. Alibaug is regarded as a famous weekend getaway for travelers. Even, its scenic and serenity views attract more tourists from Mumbai and nearby cities. It is also revered with a plethora of sightseeing places that consists of historical and worship sites as well.

This small town is covered by sea from three sides, thus, it is regarded as “Goa of Maharashtra”. Alibaug Travel Guide is a great escape for people who have a huge love for forts, beaches, and temples. Major famous temples of Alibaug are the Hanuman Temple, the Someshwar Temple, and the Shiva Temple. All these temples are perched on top of small hills that the devotees need to climb to reach there. In addition to it, this city plays an essential role in the pre-colonial era and its popular forts including the Kolaba Fort, Revdanda Fort, Murud Janjira Fort, the Khanderi Fort, and Undheri Fort. All these forts contain a rich history of their own,

Furthermore, all the beaches of Alibaug are only a few minutes’ drives away from each other so that the tourists would not worry about which beach to visit and which one to leave out. But the most visited beach in Alibaug is Alibaug Beach that provides a spectacular view of the sunrise and sunset. Also, it is home to Mandawa Beach which is well-known for the innumerable number of movie shootings that take place here. Other popular beaches of Alibaug are Nagaon Beach, Kihim Beach, Akshi Beach, Varsoli Beach, Saswane Beach, and many more.

Apart from forts, temples, and beaches, a very popular tourist spot in Alibaug is the Alibaug Magnetic Observatory. It is one of the very few British-made structures that exist in Alibaug. This observatory records the geomagnetic data with the help of precise recording instruments.

Alibaug is a weekend destination from Mumbai that caters to all the needs and requirements of the tourists. Here, the visitors can enjoy a variety of food styles ranging from Continental to South-Indian and restaurants ranging from budget to expensive. It is a coastal city so that it consists of many seafood cuisines. One should try the mouthwatering local Konkani-style seafood. One can also indulge in Chinese preparations as well as flavors of traditional and local cuisines. Famous seafront restaurants of Alibaug serves the delicious delicacies which adds flavor to your trip to Alibaug.

Travelers will get a range of accommodations around Alibaug from basic cottages to luxury resorts by the beach. Some popular hotels and resorts of Alibaug are Radisson Blu Resort, Mango Beach House, Casa De Kihim, Jokalekar Cottage, Iora Cottages, Dolphin House Beach Resort and so many more.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Alibaug

Best Time to Visit Alibaug

The weather situation from November to February is dry and cold but offers the perfect ambiance for sightseeing. The Best Season to Visit Alibaug is from November to July when the weather conditions have become conducive enough to relax on the beaches and the temperature reaches about 14°C. Moreover, between August to October, the visitors can explore the region in the rainy days that exposes the beauty of lush greenery of Alibaug. But the boat service is not functional between Alibaug and Mumbai during the rainy season.

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How To Reach Alibaug

Alibaug is considered as one of the most renowned weekend tourist destinations in Maharashtra. It is well-connected to the major cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Goa, Nashik, etc. via roads, sea, and railways.

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