Gopal Mandir, Ujjain

About Gopal Mandir Ujjain

Gopal Mandir is one of the famous places of Ujjain and this temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This temple is also called Dwarkadhish Temple and it was built in the 19th century by Bayajibai Shide. Bayajibai was the queen of Maharaj Daulat Rao Shide. The Gopal Mandir Ujjain is the finest example of Maratha architecture. The idol of the deity here is about 2 feet high in the form of silver. The idol is placed on a marble-studded altar and silver-lined doors. The silver gates of the temple are another attraction here. As soon as you enter the temple, there is a feeling of deep peace. There is a myth about the silver-laced doors that they were stolen from the Somnath temple by Mahmud Ghazi. These were brought back to Lahore by an Afghan invader Mahmud Shah Abdali. After a long struggle, the gates were recovered and restored in the Gopal temple. Many festivals are celebrated throughout the year including Janmashtami in the temple premises.

Gopal Mandir Ujjain is the second largest temple in Ujjain city. Situated in the busiest area of ​​the city, the grandeur of this temple is subdued due to the randomly built houses and shops nearby. The temple was built in 1852 AD in which the idol was established in the year 1844 AD. The idol established here is an example of the beautiful art of that time. Its huge pillars and beautiful carvings are made on sight. People coming from outside during the Simhasta or other festival rest in the huge courtyard around the temple. 

Gopal Mandir Ujjain History

The Gopal Mandir Ujjain is at least two hundred years old. The temple has idols of Lord Dwarkadhish, Shankar, Parvati, and Garuda God. These idols are immovable and in one corner there is also the statue of Vaija Bai. Apart from Janmashtami, the festival of Harihar is celebrated with great pomp. At the time of Harihar, the ride of Lord Mahakal comes at twelve o'clock at that time, then there is a meeting of Harihar union i.e. Vishnu and Shiva. Where at that time one and half hour worship is performed. Many types of facilities are provided by the institution to the devotees who come here on the occasion of festivals.

How to reach Gopal Mandir

Ujjain is a world-famous pilgrimage site for Hindus, about 60 kilometers from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain can be reached by bus from the Indore bus stand. The city has its own railway station and is connected to all the major railway stations in the country. One can travel to the temple by hiring the auto-rickshaw or rickshaw.

Best time to visit Gopal Mandir

The city experiences the chilly winters and hot summers. The best time to visit the temple is during the winter season when the weather remains pleasant during the day time. During the Janmashtami also people can visit here to experience the spiritual vibes of the city.

Gopal Mandir Ujjain Timings and Entry Fees

Gopal Mandir, Ujjain Timings: 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Gopal Mandir, Ujjain Entry Fees: Nil

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