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Ujjain is located in Madhya Pradesh and is one of the most revered pilgrimage destinations in India. This ancient city is situated on the bank of the Shipra River and snuggled on the Malwa Plateau of central India. This city was the capital of the ancient Avanti Kingdom and one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas. With our Ujjain travel guide, you will get all the information about the city which will help you to plan an Ujjain trip.

Ujjain is an important place of pilgrimage for the Shaivites, Vaishnavites, and the followers of the Goddess Shakti. Ujjain is one of the four regions where Kumbh Mela held which is the greatest religious congregation of the Hindus. Ujjain has a history that can be traced back to the time of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. This city holds the tales of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita during their exile. They performed ‘Pind Daan’ for King Dashrath at Ram Ghat.

Ujjain has a very interesting history as this city was known as Avantika during the rule of King Ashoka’s father. Later, it came under the rule of Chandragupta II. He ruled from Ujjain instead of his actual capital Patliputra. In its long history, the city comes under the rule of several rulers and this is the major reason due to which one can see the diversity in the cultural heritage and architectural styles of the city. One can see the perfect amalgamation of Marathas, Muslims, and Christian's style of charm in the city.

As per the ancient Hindu calendar, the first meridian of the planet Earth passes through Ujjain which makes the Ujjain time zone as the universal time coordinate. As per the Hindu Mythology, the Gods and demons were fighting for the Nectar in the sky and few drops have fallen at four locations and today at those locations the Kumbh Mela organizes. These four sacred places are Haridwar, Nashik, Prayag, and Ujjain.

The unimaginable and invincible spirit of Ujjain can be best described by the legends. There is a tree which is situated on the outskirts of the city and it is named as Siddhwat. It is believed that the trees possess some extraordinary spiritual vibrations and holy men used to meditate under the tree. There was a ruler who wishes to destroy the tree to show his authority. People beg from him to spare the tree but he was adamant to destroy the tree. He said that the tree has something extraordinary then it will grow back on its own. He cut down the tree and mutilated it. By the next morning, the tree eventually grows back. The tree is still there and spread its reverence.

Ujjain is regarded as the ‘City of Temples’ and it is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites across the country. Boasts of appealing temples, divine aura, and enchanting beauty, Ujjain is being flocked by a large number of devotees throughout the year from all over the globe. Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas shrines of Lord Shiva situated in the city. Apart from this Mahakaal Temple, Harsiddhi Temple, Kal Bhairav temple, and the Chintaman Ganesh temple, the Sri Radha Madan Mohan temple are famous for its unique architecture and attracts tourists from far away.

Ujjain tourist guide will help you to plan a trip and gives you important information. You can book a Ujjain tour with Indian Visit and make your holidays memorable.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Ujjain

Best Time to Visit Ujjain

The winter season is the best time to visit Ujjain as the comfortable weather during this time of the year and the numerous festivals make the city more colorful and vibrant. The pleasant climatic conditions make the excursion enjoyable and memorable.

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How To Reach Ujjain

If you wish to know about how to reach Ujjain then this is the perfect place to gather the information. Ujjain is well connected with the major cities of the country. The city owns a railway station which is well connected from other major cities by the numerous trains and had a well-maintained road network which connects the city with the rest of the state. The nearest airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport from where one can catch a bus to Ujjain.

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