Places to Visit in Madhya Pradesh

Located at the heart of the Indian subcontinent, Madhya Pradesh is rich in heritage and culture. The awe-inspiring topography, exciting wildlife, mysterious rock-cut caves, and ancient temples in Madhya Pradesh attract tourists throughout the year.

There are endless tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh. The temples at Khajuraho are famous worldwide but this is not the only attraction. The vast land of Madhya Pradesh has many renowned cities, all affluent with magnificent temples, rich wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. 

The capital city Bhopal is home to the beautiful sites like the Gohar mahal, Bhojtal Lake, Birla temple, Van Bihar National Park and Bharat Bhavan Museum. All are great attractions that draw tourists to Bhopal. Apart from the attractions around the city, you can also visit nearby places like Sanchi which is a famous historical & spiritual place in Madhya Pradesh. The World Heritage site of Sanchi is an ancient educational and Buddhist pilgrimage where travelers visit to explore the great Sanchi Stupa.

Among many tourist places in Madhya Pradesh, the temple city Ujjain is one of the most popular destinations. The ancient city is spotted with many famous temples like Gopal Mandir, Bade Ganesh Temple, Kaliadeh Palace, Kal Bhairav Temple, Navgrah Temple, Mahakaleshwar Temple, Harsiddhi Temple, etc.

The Holkar dynasty of the late 19th century left many symbols of glory in the city of Indore such as the Lal Baag Palace and the Rajwada Palace. Located on the bank of the river Saraswati, Indore is spotted with attractions like Patalpani Waterfall, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Indore White Church, Central Museum, and Tincha Waterfall.

Another sacred Madhya Pradesh tourist spot is Omkareshwar. Here you can visit Kajal Rani Cave, Shri Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga & Temple, Siddhant Temple, Mamleshwar Temple, and idols of 24 Avatars.

The hilltop city Mandu is famous for its Afghan style of architectural pieces such as the Hoshang Shah’s Tomb and the vast Jami Masjid. The city is surrounded by a thick wall with Darwajas and spotted with many attractions like Jahaz Mahal,  Rupmati’s Pavilion, Nilkanth’s Palace, Rewa Kund, Bagh Caves, and Rupayan Museum.

One of the most famous tourist places in mp, Gwalior is rich in art, culture, and history. The most popular tourist attraction of the city is Gwalior Fort which is regarded as one of the best forts in India. Also, Sas Bahu Temples are a fine example of an intricately designed Hindu temple.

For the adventure lovers, the Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks in Madhya Pradesh are two ideal places for a wildlife safari. You can spot tigers, numerous species of birds, reptiles, and other mammals in their natural habitat.

Khajuraho is unarguably one of the best tourist places in Madhya Pradesh for the famous Hindu and Jain temples built during the Chandela dynasty. The Nagara-style architectural design and erotic sculptures of the temple attract tourists from across the globe.

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