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Orchha is a small town with a supreme display of Mughal-influenced Rajput architecture. Orchha tourist places include spectacular palaces, temples and royal Chhatris (cenotaphs).

Orchha Fort complex has three main palaces - Raja Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, and Sheesh Mahal, which is now a heritage hotel run by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. Raja Mahal is the oldest of the three and it was built by Raja Rudra Pratap in the 16th century. The palace is constructed beautifully with impeccable architecture and breathtaking grandeur.

Jahangir Mahal was built by Vir Singh Deo, the Bundela chief who ruled Orchha in the early 17th century, in honor of a visit from its namesake Mughal emperor. It is designed with a fascinating blend of Mughal and Bundela architecture. The domes are built according to Timurid customs and the gates and halls are large enough to allow entry of War elephants.

Rai Praveen Mahal in Orchha tourist attractions is the third splendid palace in this town built by Maharaja Indramani Singh in the year 1618. Rai Praveen, a poetess, and court performer were well known for her enchanting beauty. This palace has exquisitely etched paintings of dance and different moods of Rai Praveen.

Chaturbhuj Temple was built in 875 AD during the reign of Gurjara Pratihara dynasty, this famous temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is an ancient temple with beautiful architecture and it is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Ram Raja Temple has a serene architecture, adorned with a marble courtyard and colorful walls. The Idols which were supposed to be kept in the magnificent Chaturbhuj Temple were kept here for a short time before being installed in the Chaturbhuj temple. But once kept on the ground, the idols could not be moved. This marked the place holy and a temple was constructed where the idol stood.

The Laxminarayan Temple is one of the most important Orchha sightseeing places. It has a unique architecture which is a blend of a fort and a temple. The temple houses stunning murals that depict mythological, spiritual and secular themes which are art lover’s delight.

Phool Bagh is a beautiful garden in the fort complex depicting the aesthetic qualities of the Bundela, this place is lined with fountains which lead to an 8-pillared palace pavilion.

Situated on the banks of Betwa River, Chattris is a set of magnificent royal tombs of the Maharajas, placed on a platform and supported by the pillars. The main cluster is situated in a calm Mughal style garden, offering serenity away from the town.

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