Siddnath Temple Omkareshwar

Siddnath Temple Omkareshwar

Siddhanath Temple is one of the few most alluring artistic structure in the country. Siddhanath Temple is an artistic structure which demonstrates the artistic talents and the magnificence of the artwork of ancient civilization. Being Built in the 13th Century this alluring and a stunning monument has been in ruins for a long time but the structure is now maintained, protected and fenced by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) for safekeeping and studying the archaeological prowess of ancient people.

Built on the island named Mandhata Island and near the Omkar Mandhata Temple, this architectural beauty is loved by archaeologists, photographers, and even the architects who love to explore the explore ancient artworks. This beauty is open for visits all over the year and is visited by tourists.


Built-in ancient times and demonstrating classical beauty of Brahmic Architecture. This huge and mind stunning structure is built on a platform that is open to 4 sides and each side is decorated with elephant carvings that are done over the stone wall of height approximately equal to 1.5 meters.


This whole magnificent structure of Siddhanath Temple was built over a plateau on the island named Mandhata Island. This Temple is very close to Omkar Mandhata Temple merely 200 meters in the North-East direction of the Omkar Mandhata Temple. The path towards the Siddhanath Temple from the Omkar Mandhata Temple was built by the ancient civilization by cutting the hill into approximately 170 steps.

How to reach

Siddhanath Temple has located nearby the Shri Omkar Mandhata Temple. This place is well connected via roads to other places all over the country and can be visited at any time of the year people and adore the beauty of ancient artwork.

Reaching the temple via road:-

Well connected to other cities and places by road, the visitors can take local transport such as bus from the city to the temple or can drive on their own to this place for a visit and relief from the busy life for a while.

Reaching the Temple via rail:-

The nearest railway station is about at a distance of 12 km but not being a major one is not well connected to other major cities and places all over the country. The major railway station near the temple is Indore which is also in the capital of the Madhya Pradesh and well connected to the other major cities of the country via Railway Lines. The Indore Railway station is at a distance of about 77 km and to covers that distance the visitors can opt for the local transport or can book cab according to their convenience.

Reaching the Temple via airline:-

The nearest airport to the temple is the airport Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport in the capital Indore of the state Madhya Pradesh. Indore Airport is an international airport that is well connected to other major airports throughout the country as well as to the airports of other countries. The rest distance of about 63 km between the airport and the temple can be covered by riding local transport or by booking a cab.

Best time to visit Siddhanath Temple

The best time to visit Siddhanath Temple is during the winter season from October to March when the weather remains balmy and comfortable for the sightseeing tour. The monsoon season brings relief from the heatwave and the region becomes beautiful with lush greenery. Summer season is good for those who are budget travelers as the tariffs become decreases. During the winter season, the Shivaratri festival celebrates with great pomp and zeal.

Places to visit near Siddhanath Temple

Omkareshwar is famous for the temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are several other famous tourist places near the Siddhanath Temple such as Omkareshwar Temple, Kedareshwar Temple, Sri Govinda Bhagavat Pada Caves, and many more.


Siddhanath Temple, Timings: 6:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M

Siddhanath Temple Entry Fees: Nil

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