Ashrafi Mahal in Mandu

Ashrafi Mahal in Mandu


The Ashrafi Mahal, located at Mandu, Madhya Pradesh is a great place to visit. The most interesting fact about the Ashrafi Mahal Mandu is that the structure is believed to be constructed for a fact to reduce obesity in the queens. Boasts of beautiful architecture, Ashrafi Mahal depicts the glorifying history of Madhya Pradesh.

History of Ashrafi Mahal

According to one of the famous folklore, taking a concern towards increasing obesity amount his queens, Ghiyasuddin Khilji came up with a superb idea. He thought of encouraging the queens to reduce their weight by asking them to climb the staircase of the Mahal up and down regularly. In return, he also decided to give them an Ashrafi (gold coins) to the queens. The number of Ashrafi was based on the number of steps climbed by each queen every day. Hence this resulted in the name ‘Ashrafi Mahal'.

Architecture and Structure Design

There is an educational connection to the structure. The construction of the Ashrafi Mahal can be traced to two distinct phases. It had begun during the early years of Mahmud Khilji's reign when a Madrasa was built in conjunction with the adjacent Jami Masjid. From the remains, it can also be gathered that the Madrasa had been executed like the Mosque as a spacious quadrangle enclosed on all four sides by cells for students. At the four corners of the quadrangle, we’re towers, three of which are traceable even today.

Some years later, the turret on the northeastern side was raised seven stories high to commemorate Mahmud Khilji's victory over Rana of Mewar.

Further, it seems to have occurred to the rolling powers that the courtyard could be filled up and be made into a grand plinth, measuring 8 m. Mahmud Khilji's tomb was constructed in the center of this plinth, which may have once been the most glorious structure in Mandu.

Interestingly, standing in the middle of the Mahmud Khilji tomb, one notices that the halls of Hoshang Shah's tomb, the Jami Masjid and of this building are so planned that the center of all three is in one straight line.

How to Reach Ashrafi Mahal Mandu

The place is around 895 km away from Delhi. Indore is the nearest railway station which is around 95 km away. And the nearest airport is Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Indore. Mandu has well-built roads and is connected with some of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh.

Best Time to Visit -Ashrafi Mahal

You can visit the place in all seasons but it would be better in winter. During the winter season, the weather of the Mandu remains comfortable for the excursion as compared to the two other seasons. During the summers, the region faces the wrath of the scorching sun which makes it almost impossible to explore the city during the daytime. 

Ashrafi Mahal Timings and Entry Fees:

Asharfi Mahal, Mandu Timings:

24 hours

Asharfi Mahal Entry Fee:


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