Tourist Attractions in Khajuraho

Unlike many other tourist attractions in India, Khajuraho is unique in its own right and may only be rightly explored by young adults and above. Why did you ask? Well, Khajuraho attractions are not like another, the temples and monuments here are intricately decorated with erotic sculptures displaying many poses of Kamasutra. The historians enjoy marveling at the majestic temples and studying the Nagara style architecture.

Khajuraho Temples are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is segregated into three complexes - The western group of temples followed by eastern and southern. And amongst the many Khajuraho sightseeing places, one in particular that outshines the rest is the western group of temples. It consists of many important temples. To help you explore tourist places in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh we have listed a few must-visits. 

The Western Group of Temples

From the many Khajuraho tourist attractions, the temples located in the western wing is the most popular. It is because, unlike other wings, the temples in the west are located close by making it easy to explore. Today, Khajuraho treasures around 22 temples each offering exquisitely detailed sculptures. Matangeshvara Temple is said to be the top-visited temple because it is the only Hindu temple actively used till today for worship. Besides that, the largest temple in Khajuraho, Kandariya Mahadeo is also visited which stands at a staggering height of 31 meters. Both of the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Another popular granite temple is the Chaunsat Yogini Temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. 

Panna National Park

Another famous Khajuraho tourist place is Panna National Park. This wildlife place is not far from Khajuraho. Known to be one of the famous tiger reserves, it offers wildlife activities like a jungle safari. The tropical region of Panna has temperatures that are ideal for animals. You can find big cats like tigers and leopards and also various birds hovering above you. Animals you will not miss out on are spotted deer, the blackbuck, sloth bears, the antelope and also the Indian gazelle. Panna also has amazing accommodation options that take care of your every need. No matter if you seek a luxury wildlife resort or a cottage in the forest. 


Not far from Khajuraho Town is Orchha, it is everything every history and nature lovers can ask for. A slip road between Jhansi and Khajuraho will take you to this historical destination surrounded by rustic forts and monuments. Here, Orchha Fort complex comprises of various places like the Jahangir Mahal built-in classic Mughal architecture. Residing in the complex is Raja Mahal which is also a renowned sight to marvel. This 17th-century Mahal displays decorative murals of mythical people, gods, and animals. This Mahal is created in such a way that the sunlight penetrating through the windows creates a different mood. The Royal Chhatris located on the banks of Betwa River in Orchha is one of the most photogenic places.

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