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The Kanha Tiger Reserve is located in the Maikal range of Satpuras that brings the central highlands of India. This national park is reckoned as the unique habitat for the huge amount of carnivores and herbivores animals. Here, the visitors can easily discover the abundant varieties of wildlife and the most popular species of deer Barasinghas can also be found here. The Barasinghas species are called as the “Jewel of Kanha”. Also, the tropical environment of this place has captivated the majority of tourists to clutch around this place. Sightseeing in Kanha can bring much attention to nature lovers and make an enthusiastic trip for them.

The tiger reserve is the center of attraction in the Kanha National Park that is the houses of the endangered species of Royal Bengal Tiger. It also contains a wide range of exquisite flora and fauna from bamboo trees and lush green Sal to the rare breeds of hard ground Gaur (Indian Bison), Stag (Barasinghas), Swamp Deer, etc. 

Kanha Museum – It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Kanha National Park. Here, the tourists can explore the wildlife richness in this museum. The Kanha Museum offers valuable information about the topographic conditions of the park and its aspects. This place stretches over a large area that displays the history of Kanha. This museum contains a big hall which exhibits skeletons of several reptiles, carnivores, and herbivores. A museum is an amazing place that gives an educative experience where people can collect interesting notes on various kinds of species of flora and fauna living in the Kanha National Park. Also, it has a huge collection of specimens, charts, models, and photographs, etc. that represents the wildlife of the reserved area.

Bamni Dadar – Bamni Dadar is also known as the Sunset Point of Kanha. This place is the highest plateau in this national park that offers a serenading view of the beauty and vastness of the meadows. Many tourists come to this most enchanting place to experience the awe-inspiring view of the sunset. Bamni Dadar is the last location for most evening safaris that are arranged by the park for spotting Indian bison and the barking deer.

Local Craft Market – Tourists can explore the local market area around this park where they can easily get a variety of handicrafts especially crafted by the skilled craftsmen. Here, people will not only find traditionally inherited goods like woodworks but also find a vibrant variety of clothes available.

Birds in Kanha National Park – The Kanha National Park consists of approximately 300 species of birds that attract many photographers and bird watchers for taking account of these majestic creatures. Excellent birding covers the eastern region of the park where the visitors can explore the waterways, trails, and forests in the search of elusive species of birds. It is the home to several species of the birds including pintails, peacock, storks, hoopoes, pond herons, teals, drongos, ring doves, egrets, spotted parakeets, jungle fowl, partridges, peafowl, rock pigeons, owls, woodpeckers, flycatchers, painhas, kingfishers, warblers, and finches and so many more. 

Apart from it, bird researchers and watchers are often attracted by the exotic species in these grasslands such as White Rumped Shama, Spangled Drongo, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Grey Francolin, Common Iora, Black Naped Flycatcher, Jungle Babbler, Painted Francolin, Tawny Babbler, Eurasian Blackbird and much more.

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