Luxury Cruises

Do you wish to explore the treasure troves of cerulean ocean, backwaters and high seas? If yes then enroll yourself for a luxury cruise trip in India. The backwaters, rivers and other water bodies of India offer a brilliant setting to commence luxury cruise trips in India. By enrolling yourself for cruise tours, you can assure yourself with an exclusive experience in the lap of nature. You can saunter on the promenade of pristine beaches, feast upon the beauty of the lagoons and witness the exotic & diverse marine life found in India.

For water babies and nature lovers, luxury cruise tours in India is a lifetime experience wherein they can explore the spectacular aquatic diversity of India. Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal have long coastlines and several islands that offer a perfect setting for luxury cruise tours. Besides witnessing the picturesque oceanic surroundings, one can enjoy the world class facilities and services offered on board these luxury cruise liners. The modern facilities are accompanied by the genial hospitality and the peaceful surroundings make your cruise journey mesmerizing to the hilt. offers various luxury cruise tour packages in different parts of the country. Take a look at some popular cruise journeys offered in India:

Glorious Ganges Tour: The Glorious Ganges Tour package enables you to explore the famous tourist locations alongside the banks of the river Ganges in West Bengal. Beginning from Kolkata, the luxury cruise liner crisscrosses through Howrah, Belur, Chandannagar, Triveni, Mayapur, Nabadwip, Murshidabad, Palassey and Kalna. Each of these 9 destinations is brimming historical and cultural attractions.

Sundarban Cruise Tour: The Sunderban Cruise Tour package allows you to sail on a vast delta formed by the confluence of three beautiful rivers- Padma, Brahmaputra and Meghna. Beginning from Kolkata, the cruise tour itinerary includes visit to Namkhana, Bhagabatpur, Bonnie Camp, Nethidopani, Bali and Lothian Island. You might catch the glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger swimming in the rivers while cruising through the streams of Sunderbans.

Brahmaputra Cruise Tour: The Brahmaputra Cruise Tour allows you to take delight in the spectacular beauty of Assam located alongside river Brahmaputra. The cruise tour itinerary includes visit to Guwahati, Kurua, Ganesh Pahar, Tezpur, Steemer Ghat and Kaziranga.

Besides these aforementioned cruise journeys, there are various other cruise trips offered in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Kerala, Goa and Lakshadweep. These cruise journeys allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature from close quarters. Embark on any of the above mentioned cruise trip and enjoy a high degree of satisfaction & comfort.