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The charm of Leh Ladakh can’t be expressed in words. The unique characteristic of this majestic place is that it is the perfect blend of Tibetan, Indian, as well as Buddhist linings that make a worth visit for travelers. There is a bundle of Leh Ladakh sightseeing places, which are blessed with extreme pristine beauty that follows as:

Pangong Lake: This beautiful lake is perched on the Changtang plateau in the eastern region of Ladakh. This lake gives an awesome site for camping. The unique feature of this lake is that it does not remain blue throughout the day because this lake changes color from azure to light blue and then to green and grey too.

Royal Leh Palace: This palace is one of the most popular Leh attractions which is situated on a cliff. From this palace, the visitors overlook the charming town of Leh. This palace has a stunning statue of Buddha in the backside which adds more charm into this palace.

Magnetic Hill: This popular hill is said to be a gravity hill of Ladakh because the vehicles defy the force of gravity and start to move upwards on the hill when the vehicles are parked at the marked location. This hill is situated at an altitude of around 14,000 feet above the sea level.

Zanskar Valley: It is one of the best tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh. This valley is well-known for its cave monasteries, wide views and sceneries, river rafting experiences, and trekking trails. The Zanskar Lake of this valley is popular for the seasonal white water rafting. In winters, the steep terrains of this valley are covered with snow that reflects the heavenly skies.

Tso Moriri Lake: The Barren Hills with snow-capped mountains are situated in the backdrop of this lake which offers breathtaking views to tourists. It is also called as a “Mountain Lake” which was declared as a wetland reserve. This lake is a perfect place for people to star-gazing at night.

Spituk Monastery: This monastery is popular for its beautifully carved located at the top of a hill. During nights, the winds may chill the bones of people. It offers an enchanting view of the Indus Valley and also houses 100 monks and a giant statue of Kali.

Shanti Stupa: It is one of the most peaceful and magnificent Buddhist monuments. This site gives mind-blowing views of sunrise and sunset, as well as panoramic views of the landscape around it.

Nubra Valley: It is a tri-armed valley towards the North-East. The sand dunes of this valley provide Arabian Nights like experience to tourists and this valley is basically famous for its two-humped camels.

Chemrey Monastery: It is a 400-year old undiscovered Buddhist Monastery. The remarkable feature of this monastery is the high statue of Padmasambhava. This monastery has large collections of ancient scriptures that are emboldened in silver and gold.

Hemis National Park: This National Park is the largest national park in South Asia which is the protected home for endangered mammals like Asiatic ibex, leopards, the Eurasian brown bear, Tibetan wolf, and the red fox. It is the perfect place for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Chadar Trek: It is the Unique Frozen River Trek where people imagine walking across the frozen sheets of ice. This region is enveloped by snow-capped mountains and people witness the surreal beauty of the surroundings.

Khardung La Pass: It is a getaway that leads to Shyok and Nubra Valleys and is one of the most prominent Leh Ladakh tourist places. It is a high mountain pass that is the favorite pass for peace seekers, adventure enthusiasts, and mountain biking aficionados.

Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary: It is an isolated wildlife sanctuary that is elevated at a height of about 4000-9000 feet above the sea level. There is a wide range of animals, plants, and flowers and people can see impressive views of the surroundings from the top.

Namgyal Tsemo Monastery: This monastery is popular for its Buddhist teachings and principles. Thousands of people come here from all around the world to witness the divinity of this place.

Stakna Monastery: It is locally known as Tiger’s Nose which is a small and serene monastery. This monastery houses idols, paintings, and Buddhist scriptures as well as offers amazing views of the Indus Valley.  

Stok Palace: This Palace is popularly known as the summer home to the royal family of Ladakh. This place is a glaring example of the lifestyle and rich history of the royal family. It is the home to Stok Monastery which is equipped with a huge library and beautiful gardens.

Hall of Fame Ladakh: This museum is dedicated to all those soldiers who sacrifice their lives in the Indo-Pakistan War. The photo frames are hanged on the walls of the museum, which tell the story of their bravery to the visitors. It consists of amenities and arms that are used by the soldiers.

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